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Government to Re-Introduce Cinema-Workshop Underway




Reports from Buea indicates the Ministry of Arts and Culture is organizing a workshop on the elaboration of a strategy proposal to relaunch Cameroonian cinema. The workshop will run from August 31st to September 2nd, 2016. This workshop BaretaNews learned is under the framework of revamping the cinema and audio-visual production in Cameroon, which is a social and cultural necessity perfectly in line with the general technological move, where the Terrestrial Digital Television (TNT) has become a tool with international norms.
The workshop will see multiple technical experts regarding training, regulation, and support, in order to propose conditions which are favourable to the creation, production, and broadcasting of Cameroonian talents.The participants will have to identify actions and short-term measures likely to impact cinema and audio-visual production in Cameroon.

BaretaNews thinks this is a laudable move. It will not only be an income generation activity, but it will serve as a great place of leisure for Cameroonians. As Cameroon’s movie industry takes a leap forward, the re-introduction of Cinema will go a long way to solidify the movie industry in the Cameroons. BaretaNews salutes these efforts from the Ministry and hopes it becomes a reality.

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