Nso Youth Chastise Fon For Sending Out Nwerong (Kwifon)





In an open letter, the youth from Nsoland has chastised the Nso Fon for sending out the traditional  Nwerong to search for the gun which purportedly killed the gendarme officer. The youth is pouring invectives on the Fon for ignoring the dozens of Nso youth killed by the colonial regime and instead engaging in acts contrary to the spirit of the revolution. Read the emotional open letter.


An Open Letter to the Fon of Nso

Your Majesty, the banso man has always held you in very high regard but I can’t say that at the moment because you have become so unpopular with some stands you have taken in recent years that have irritated the youth so bad they’ve lost their respect for you.

A gendarme officer was “Killed” Monday November 6th in Jakiri by yet to be identified men and you were very quick to send out the Nwerong (Kwifon) out on Wednesday November 7th to Mbve Market to announce that whoever has the gun that was allegedly seized from the gendarme return it immediately. I wish to commend you for being so prompt in reacting to this but I wish to remind your majesty that he should also react promptly to all issues in the same way rather than misusing the privilege he has of using the Nwerong (Kwifon) to intimidate an already very angry populace. May I at this point remind the Fon that Government released a statement immediately after the killing of that 15 year old at Kifem that the local population had used arms against the gendarmes and that’s what prompted the shooting. My question here is :


Many may wonder why I’m bringing this particular issue up so I need to quote you instances of how this Fon is continuously being used by the Yaounde regime to intimidate the banso people :


The Fon in outing with Ngwerong

1- when that 15 year old boy was shot at Kifem and several others wounded, the population had marched in their thousands from Kifem to Kumbo to complain to him but he the Fon hid himself in the inner chambers of the palace and sent his messengers to tell the people he was at the other palace at Jakiri.some of the angry population burnt down a secondary school close to the palace and as coincidence would have it, the principal of that school is the Fon’s family (Mbinglo Marceline). Couple of days later the Fon made a statement on the murder of this boy and first thing he did was condemn the SDF for spearheading the burning of his school ( because his sister is principal) . Note here that the Fon is CPDM and on the payroll of the Yaounde Regime. Before the burial of this 15 year old could take place, the Fon coerced the Shufai of Yuwar to accept an envelope of cash and all conditions and demands made by the administration for the burial of this boy. He the Fon got his share too.
Does that show partiality on the part of the Fon ?

2- One of the most dreaded masquerades in Nso land (Wanmabuh) was Teargassed at Shisong (Kumbo) by Gendarme elements sent by the same commander who shot the 15 year old at Kifem. The Fon didn’t do a thing about it, neither did he send his weapon of choice the Nwerong (Kwifon) to go around “Making Noise” . He instead secretly held cleansing ceremony for the gendarmes involved after collecting some money. Note here that several people were hospitalised after this incident because of the effects of Teargas but the Fon never cared to make any statement. Is this one a leader ?

3- The second instance is when he the Fon appeared at a CPDM rally at Mbve Market ( Kumbo) and made a statement. For does who don’t know the Banso culture well, the Fon is forbidden from going to the market. It’s a sacrilege but this present one did because Yaounde was funding his flashy lifestyle and paying him millions in CFA. Is this a trait of a good leader ?

4- I also wish to let Southern Cameroonians know that this Fon has never openly condemned the killing of our brothers and sisters since this crisis started because if he tries, his funding will be cut off.

The Fon of Nso has over the course of recent years proven he’s a tyrant but one thing he should not ignore at this particular time is the fact that the youth are prepared to take their destiny into their hands at all cost’s and propel of his kind who stand in the path of justice and truth will be crushed like gravel. He should not take the silence, leniency and respect of the youth for cowardice. I wish to remind the Fon that he cannot use the Nwerong to indimate anybody, we’ve grown way smarter and formidable. He shouldn’t be fooled into biting more than he can chew. Afterall nobody voted him into power (Fon) so his authority ends in the confines of a palace he hasn’t been able to build properly after Hundreds of millions in contributions from Banso people the world over which he can’t account for.
“If He can hear let him Hear”
From a Concerned Banso Youth

Otto Ama


  1. Freelance reseacher of the "Nso culture"

    November 7, 2017 at 6:11 PM

    Desecrated traditional rights of a very highly respected culture in the whole of Africa. He should appease the gods. Doom is not far fetched, when tradtion goes against a revolution, the skies goes furious, Nso land that i know is faced now by the “dark” clouds of the the gods.

  2. Song

    November 7, 2017 at 6:29 PM

    today is Tuesday 07 November not ‘ Wednesday November 7th to’ as in your article. Maybe your facts are not also correct

  3. Mukong

    November 7, 2017 at 7:04 PM

    Anyone who by now does not believe that the CPDM party is a satanic cult of the highest form really has some major issues discerning good from evil. Even the guardians of our traditions have been so compromised that they no longer know right from wrong. Yesteryear it was Fon Doh of Ngoketunjia and now it is the Fon of Banso.
    The masses wallow in abject poverty, yet the etoudi criminals have money for ‘saraka’ to corrupt a privilege few. What an abormination!!!

  4. Marie Jery

    November 7, 2017 at 9:29 PM

    All his facts are correct except for Tuesday. Just a mistake. I can testify to these facts.

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