European Union Fails To Congratulates Biya Paul, Concentrates in Finding Solutions In Southern Cameroons





Over and over again, the conflict in Southern Cameroons continues to remain a major preoccupation for government and institutions across the world, a move which they have deliberately failed to take measures that forces Biya on the negotiation table. After the sham Cameroun elections which saw two Presidents emerging, the European Union just like every other nations and institution have failed to congratulate Biya Paul for his re-election. In most cases, they have congratulated the Camerounese people ignoring Biya and they have largely focused on calling Biya Paul to engage in an inclusive dialogue to resolve the situation in Southern Cameroons. BaretaNews notes that these statements coming from these bodies are a testament to the fact that, they challenged diplomatically Biya’s election, recognizes Kamto’s Declaration and they only needed a simple street push and demonstration from the Camerounese people to have stood with them openly. Yet again, Camerounese have failed because of too much Bread and Sadine and their ‘Bamenda’ is no more to fight for them. However, the focus of all these diplomatic missions in calling for post Cameroun dialogue with separatists rather than congratulating a dictator is testament to the fact that the Southern Cameroons people must keep the flag high, defend, tweet atrocities of Cameroun and above all show the world that only a UN Sponsored referendum shall resolve peacefully the conflict. Below is the full statement of the EU.


Statement by the Spokesperson on the presidential elections in Cameroon
Déclaration du Porte-parole sur les élections présidentielles au Cameroun

Following the announcement of the results of the presidential election in Cameroon by the Constitutional Council, the European Union expects the President-elect to bring together all stakeholders to overcome the challenges facing the country, to the benefit of all Cameroonians. While elections were generally held in a peaceful manner, some parts of the population were unable to take part in the vote. The EU reiterates its concern about the situation in the North-West and South-West regions of the country. It is crucial that the authorities are open to the proposals of civil society and religious authorities for a peaceful and lasting resolution of the crisis, and that a process of dialogue be launched as soon as possible with all actors in favour of peace. The preliminary statement of the African Union Election

Observation Mission recommends strengthening the legal and institutional framework for elections in Cameroon, which could increase voter confidence in the electoral process and make it more inclusive. Such reforms are crucial and the EU stands ready to accompany such a process. The EU takes note that all appeals lodged by the opposition candidates have been rejected. The European Union, as a major partner of Cameroon, will continue to work for the development and stability of the country for the benefit of all Cameroonians.
Press contacts

Maja KOCIJANCIC Maja KOCIJANCIC Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations +32 (0)2 29 86570 +32 (0)498 984 425 Daniel PUGLISI Daniel PUGLISI Press Officer for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management +32 (0)2 29 69140 +32 (0)460 767374



  1. Bonie

    October 25, 2018 at 10:41 PM

    EU has their own problems, the butcher of french Cameroon biya is not fit anymore as a role model leader in Africa, his people are sorting refuge all over Europe yet he suppresses,oppress and continue his outdated dictatorship,biya offers nothing to 80% of Cameroonians, the man is a blood thirsty witch,he cannot and will never develope the country at his old mental age, stealing and power is his goal,he is murdering youths in the English regions who want change to stay and develop their regions,France is being exposed,shamed for their evil colonisation,exploitation in southern Cameroon where the youths know and can see how their people are seen as beggar slaves with puppet biys who only serve the interest of France,the west are pals with France EU and stay silence,only the Russians can stop biya’s attrocities in southern Cameroon because they do not answer to the EU hypocracy,Russia leader has more pridr than the EU of France and Germany made up of arrogant,ignorant colonised mm mental people

  2. Dewa

    October 26, 2018 at 12:41 AM

    How many Time EU have talk on this issue of Biyas stuff?
    France had EU.
    AS a friend said, we believed in the
    RUSSIAN LEADER Who don’t dealing with the corruption in the EU house.
    Emmanuel Macron Head EU.
    So southern Cameroon AMBAZONIANS believed in Russian leadership with single and diplomatic word.

  3. Janice Beyongsi

    October 30, 2018 at 8:57 PM

    CAMEROON including the South West and North West is and will ALWAYS be a CARCO or possession of France and the European union. do not need to congratulate Biya on a sham election for the CARCO is still theirs. They are tapping their oil from the Gulf of guinea and Ndian and shipping it in the high seas.Limbe is a fortress while demented MONKEYS and BABOONS called AMBAZONIA wreaks hit and run havocs within the innocent population. A camel will pass through the eye of a camel before the disjointed online republic of LOW IQ BIG DICK MONKEYS and BABOONS of Ambazonia see any independence.

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