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Esu Population Poised To Avenge Murder of Fon Kum



Esu Population Poised To Avenge Murder of Fon Kum

By Mbah Godlove

The people of Esu, a village in Fungong Local Government Area of Menchum county say they are determined to avenge the brutal killing of their Fon.

As BarataNews had earlier reported, armed Fulani men gruesomely murdered Fon Kum and his wife while they were returning from neighboring Weh village, where they had attended the enthronement of a Fon a week ago.

During a ceremony, to mourn the loss of their Fon, the youth of Esu took a vow to fight back at the Fulani population who reportedly masterminded the barbaric act.

The people are in pain as they struggle to digest the mystery behind the murder of their traditional ruler.

Fon Kum took over in 2008 and has ruled for just 14 years before his pain exit.

His charismatic and humble nature will forever remain in the minds of villagers who find it difficult to live without him.

The days ahead a filled with many uncertainties as Esu youth mobilize to go after the killers of their Fon.

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