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Eseka Search Victims Ended- CRTV



Elvis Teke, CRTV Journalist on Monday 24th October reported officially on the website of the National Radio and Television, CRTV that the search for victims trapped in the wagons of the Camrail train that crashed at Eseka has ended after the body of a baby was found in the last wagon on same day Monday, 24th October 2014.

Teke wrote “After four days of intensive rescue efforts and search for victims, the search exercise has officially come to an end with more than 90 dead bodies pulled out the wreckage and taken to mortuaries in Yaoundé and Douala”

However, BaretaNews notes with dismay that an official document coming from MINSANTE on October 28th, 2016, a copy in possession of BaretaNews declared that only 78 persons died from the incident. How can the national TV be reporting more than 90 dead bodies being pulled out then the Ministry of Public Health is reporting only 78 dead. These are two disturbing figures. The government should be hiding the official figures.
BaretaNews had earlier reported that a journalist survivor reported having counted more than 300 dead bodies. This has been corroborated by many survivors and residents of Eseka. This only goes to show how haphazard the regime has become.
Meanwhile, emergency communication units have been opened in the train stations in Yaoundé and Douala to help relatives of victims to easily identify the corpses. In the meantime, the over 500 injured have been dispatched to hospitals in the Centre and Littoral Regions.TELEPHONES numbers have been made public for relatives to call and get information about their loved ones: Yaoundé – 699113333 and Douala- 699114444- reports Elvis Teke, CRTV
At the crash site, a security cordon has been placed around the rubble preventing public access in wait for the mixed brigade in charge of investigations.

The stench from the crash site is a sad reminder of the magnate of the crash which is so far the worst railway disaster the country has ever suffered. The nation was been in mourning and prayers this Monday 24th October 2016, in honour of victims of the derailment.

Foreign Leaders and Heads of International Organisations have extended their condolences to the Nation and wished a quick recovery to the victims.

God is still saying something.

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