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Another unfortunate incident in Kumbo today

A young guy from Tiymekan named Afoni Fredoline; Pa Maikem’s child was abducted yesterday by the Colonial Forces of the Gendarmerie and beaten to Death. He is a student from ENSET Bambili who came home to consult at the Shisong Hospital after some brief illness.

The story goes that he received a call from an unknown number. The anonymous caller beckoned him to come out immediately and meet him by the roadside nearer to their family home. Afoni followed the instructions and came out. He saw a car with four people seated there-in. Someone who masked himself pointed out and said ” that is him” He walked past the car and three people descended from the car, shuffled him on the floor and pulled him into the car. He was severely beaten from last evening till today morning that he gave up the ghost.

It is alleged that the young ENS student was reported by a certain girl whose name we are withholding for investigation; unconfirmed reason being that he collaborated with those hoisting flags.

The incident raised mad anger and tension in Tiymenkan and the entire Shisong neighborhood. Inhabitants of the are staged a march to the palace with peace plants. The Fon of Nso came out and with lacks of words asked the Family to go forth and wait for the corpse to be given them. He cautioned them not to engage in any demonstrations that could lead to further killings. Angain, where are the politicians of this land?

Although the crowd left looking not satisfied, the Fon with his wisdom invited the security officers to his palace for their own version of the story.
As I write to you now the company commander is under serious questioning from the Fon as to why the Gendarmes will torture such an innocent young boy who was receiving treatment. This boy has a track record of calmness .
We shall update as we are informed

Wo Scandy Media Correspondent in Kumbo.

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