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Helikopter Crashes In Lebialem







Helikopter Crashes In Lebialem

The battle for a free Ambazonia changes everyday as the regime in Yaounde continues to ignore the need for a peaceful negotiations. Indeed, the struggle is ordained.

Since the arrest on March 16th and subsequent release on Monday 19th March, 2018 of CPDM agent Prof Leke Tambo by joint restoration forces acting in Lebialem, the self defense actions in Lebialem have seen a sharp increase with local self defense groups taking the lead in maintaining their block.

The colonial regime has responded sharply by sending elite troops in what they termed “Operation Clean Lebialem”, the denizens in that locality acting in different self defense groups have decided to fight back in self defense, to protect their community from experiencing similar actions as the military did in KwaKwa, Mbonge burning down homes. One of such groups are the Red Dragon whom today sent out a video to show case their military strength.
As a result of the fire exchange, many casualties were recorded on the sides of the military.

Contrary to popular claims that a Helikopter was brought down in Lebialem by the restoration forces, BaretaNews can now report that God works in mysterious ways and his hands are unto the restoration forces. An elderly grand dad reporting to BaretaNews from Lebialem says the Helikopter was carrying corpses from Menji heading out of Lebialem. It suddenly crashed in a village called Njenawung. Njenawung is a small village in Lewoh. Many denizens say they saw the Helikopter coming down. This is a war La Republique has not mastered especially the topography in Lebialem. No one defeats a Bangwa man. The restoration forces in Bangwa will triumph and host the first Ambazonia flag post October 1st Independence Declaration by President Ayuk Julius Tabe, Interim Government, Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

It must be recalled that restoration forces on ground zero needs lots of resources in all aspect. They are not yet equipped to carry out sophisticated actions that will entirely protect our people. We must give them that support including the morale aspect that builds that confidence and not those which divides them on the field.
We will overcome.
Mark Bareta

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