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Ekona Rumbles And The Entire Southern Zone Echoes The Rumble






Ekona rumbles and the entire British Southern Cameroons echoes the rumble as the colonial master LA Republique Du Cameroun gets dumbfounded as well as dazzled. After a fierce battle yesterday 17th June 2018 in Ekona, details are still filtering in showing the weak and corrupt La Republique military.

If Paul Biya was ever told that this could be the fate of his much trumpeted and empty headed militia, he won’t have accepted at all because he had deceived his French speaking brothers that LA Republique Du Cameroun was the strongest military in Africa, much stronger than Nigeria whom they had defeated during the Bakassi peninsula crisis.

Has LA Republique Du Cameroun any military might to defeat even an armed rebellion like has been the case of Boko Haram and the toughest resistance that LA Republique Du Cameroun has ever faced?

If Biya out of humiliation and crushing defeats on his untrained military didn’t use the International Court of Justice to broker a peace deal tagged as ” The Green Tree Accord” Nigeria won’t have left the Bakassi peninsula at all.

Has Biya ever respected the Green Tree accord which demands in article 14 of that accord that LA Republique Du Cameroun and the Federal Republic of Nigeria should move back?

Today the boys who were doing a hit and run kind of guerilla warfare have rudely reminded Biya that they are now in the towns and ready to teach his poorly educated, trained and managed Beti dominated morons tagged as soldiers.

The rusticated minded Okalia Bellia Alias Okada bin lia had asked the soldiers to use force and dislodge the British Southern Cameroon’s for a fee of 30.000 FRS but today it’s a different story as the Beti morons are weeping and Biya can’t understand anymore.

The war is taking Biya by storm and options are completely out of stock as Armoured cars today have been seized from the regular military.

Biya’s bribery scheme isn’t working any longer as Biya has wanted and thought. Biya has wasted lots of money in the fight against the people of Southern Cameroon’s and the result isn’t there to show any body.

Let haughtiness of the Biya’s regime be humbled and urgently call for negotiations as to stop this humiliation as well as this shame on the forces of LA Republique Du Cameroun

By Prince Rene

Whatsapp Communications

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