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For more than a month, Lawyers have been protesting and teachers are soon to join on November 21st. It has reached a point where this fight is no longer the Lawyers nor teachers fight. It is now the people’s fight. Let me just explain. Whatever problems you see happening now in Anglophone Cameroon has its root on 11th February 1961- We have to accept these truths. All that the Lawyers and Teachers are crying is as a result of a failed union masterminded by UK and France. And these problems have been designated in what is called ” THE ANGLOPHONE PROBLEM”.

No matter what solutions the Cameroun government tries to bring to the lawyers and teachers, if the government does not acknowledge this root cause, she will not be able to solve this problem The solutions that might be offered to the Lawyers and teachers will only be cosmetic and would represent just 5 percent of what Anglophone Cameroon is actually going through and I am afraid we shall come back to it after some years. It will be a circle.

It is, therefore, important that Anglophone Cameroon Political leaders, Church and Clergy leaders, MPs, Lawyers, Teachers, Trade Union, Student Leaders, etc formed urgently a synergy to solve this problem once and for all. The Anglophone Problem is a constitutional problem which goes back to how the Union was formed. It is imperative that these leaders begin by asking the solution from the 1961 standpoint.

Therefore to solve this ongoing problem, a constitutional conference is needed to revisit the terms which brought the two Cameroons together and take us back to the FEDERATION-the original idea our fore parents wanted. The only peaceful path away from the Federation will be another referendum in Southern Cameroons to make the 11th February 1961 referendum ‘non-binding’ which I think it is honestly urgent and needed.

As we continuously support our lawyers and teachers, let us not forget to boycott AFCON 2016

Mark Bara.
CEO BaretaNews.

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