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Economic Sabotage in Ambazonia: Stopping The Exploitation








Economic War Breakthrough In Ambazonia

BaretaNews is getting reports from Konye Local Government Area in the Southern zone that a truck transporting Southern Cameroons timber from Manyu County to the colonial la Republique territory of Littoral Region has been burnt down and driver allegedly killed by restoration Forces.

We are told the incident occurred during the wee hours of today at a village along the Kumba-Mamfe road in Konye Local Government Area.

BaretaNews gathered that restoration forces mounted barricades on the road intercepting movement while making sure our resources stay with us.

BaretaNews had earlier opined that we must go the Haity way. We must inflict an economic cost on the occupier in such a way that it will force its foreign and international partners to pressure the colonial regime to bulge. La Republique is only interested in our resources therefore restoration forces must employ ways in protecting human lives while investing more on the economic sabotage. We of this platform salutes this move and we call on more economic sabotage across Ambazonia in huge proportions.

Mark Bareta
BaretaNews, 2/3/2018, 13:01PM Amba Time.

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