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Constitutional Revision Bill Finally Arrives Parliament



Cameroon Change

No To Constitutional Revision

The June session of Parliament would finally see the amendments of the Constitution – the Sun Newspaper report. BaretaNews noted that in 2008, the last revision triggered bloody clashes in major cities across the country. The last revision scrapped presidential term limits. This current revision is expected to re-introduce presidential terms. The Biya’s regime has taken Cameroonians for fools.

The bill would seek to amend article 6 (3) of the constitution to give the President powers to call early presidential polls. The bill is also expected to touch on the reduction of mandates from the current seven years unlimited terms, to five years with the precision, “renewable once.”, the introduction of a single ballot for all the candidates in presidential elections, the widely-clamoured two-round voting system practised in most democracies around the world and the re-introduction of the post of Vice President. The form in which the state takes would also see great changes after this revision. BaretaNews cannot confirm if all of these changes will go through, however, as of now, what we know is that the bill has been introduced to Parliament for study.



Information suggests sections of the constitution and the electoral code which fix voting age in Cameroon at 20 will be touched. BaretaNews recalls that there are growing speculations that Biya will call early presidential polls before the French presidential election in April 2017 .

The main opposition party the SDF has yet to made any official statement. The SDF convention has been slated for February 2017. Joshua Osih, first National Vice President was asked last week about the SDF stance on Constitutional change. He responded by saying that the ruling CPDM government has not tabled any such bill. That everything was just rumour and that he was not going to comment on a rumour. Good answer, apparently. Now that it seems it’s no longer a rumour, can Hon Joshua Osih tell Biya, SDF militants and Cameroonians the stance of the SDF? Joshua must speak now. The SDF that was hiding and refusing to make known their stance claiming they do not respond to rumours, should now be forced to speak out.-wrote one political pundit

Already, there are calls and posters from Cameroonians requesting everyone to text, twit, call, their MP or Senate to warn them against planned constitutional changes. BaretaNews noted that though some of the revision points might be lofty, it defeats the whole notion of democracy and makes the Cameroons people fools. It is not feasible that every after a few years, the constitution is changed. Biya and his allies cannot treat the Constitution as a normal book where they can change it to suit their wishes and aspirations whenever they want. Let Biya finish his 7 years mandate and step at side. The Cameroons people shall elect a people’s President and map the way ahead without Biya


BaretaNews, therefore, rejects constitutional amendments and calls on the Cameroons people to resist it

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