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Biya Ignores Refugees In Nigeria, Endorses Military War-Crimes In Manyu County








Paul Biya B. Mvondo, President of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), has once again proven to the world that the killings, maiming, and expulsion of citizens in Manyu County, is an intentional act perpetrated by his colonial army. He confirmed that with his complete neglect of the genocidal and war crime activities perpetrated by his colonial forces, in that part of Cameroons.

Biya who presented his end of 2017 speech to Camerounese, December 31 2017, did not mention anything about the refugee concerns of Cameroonians in Nigeria. The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) estimated in October 2017, some 40,000 Southern Cameroonians in Nigeria. According to the UNHCR, these refugees were forced out of their home by violence, and killings, carried out by the military.

Other Humanitarian Organisations have increased the figures to 400,000 as the violence took another twist in November 2017, caused by the invasion of Manyu County by colonial forces of LRC. According to closed sources, the victims are in dire need of supplies. Many live in inhumane conditions, with several others reported seriously sick

Paul Biya, who claims, Manyu County belongs to LRC, and so has been committing war crimes and acts of genocide on the people, made no mention of the refugee situation. Instead, he gave his forces a boost, by indicating in his speech that they shall continue their crack down on unarmed civilians.

“The security operations conducted to that end have already yielded excellent results. They will continue unabated…” Biya said

That endorsement will boost the military crack down on unarmed civilians, and promote gross human rights violations, currently going on in the area.

In December 2017, a Roman Catholic Bishop, Mgr Andrew Nkea, raised a global alarm over mass killings, maiming and destruction of civilian properties in Manyu. Speaking over the British Broadcasting Corporation, (BBC), the Bishop of Mamfe said the colonial forces of Paul Biya destroyed over 40 homes in Kembong village, and killed many others. That caused over 7000 civilians to flee to Nigeria.

“I discovered my great shock and dismay that the whole village was deserted… and we are talking about the biggest village in the central Ejagam (a Bayangi clan), with about four-five thousand people. When I got there the whole village was deserted. I got to the Kembong parish, the only place where there was light in the entire village, the priest narrated to me what had happened. Some unknown young men had entered the village and assassinated four soldiers, and two hours after the young men had disappeared to wherever they came from, (colonial) soldiers came into the village with about three or four trucks, and started maiming the people, burning up houses. I could count more than 40 houses set on fire, burnt down completely with all the contents. So, the people were chased out, maimed and fire set on their houses in a dramatic fashion. While a majority fled to the forest and neighbouring Nigeria, some old people and those seriously beaten, were sought refuge in the Father’s house at Kembong parish. I met with over 100 old men, women, and children, as well as seriously injured boys and girls seeking refuge in the Reverend Father’s house,” Bishop Nkea told the BBC.

The Bishop travelled to the refugee camp late in December 2017. He indicated that the over 100,000 refugees now counted in the neighbouring country, live in perpetual difficult situation.

Mgr Andrew Nkea communing with refugees in Nigeria

“I just returned to Mamfe after spending 31 December and New Year’s Day visiting a great part of the flock of the diocese of Mamfe who are refugees in various places in Nigeria. I stopped in Nashua and Emana to see them and bring some supplies for New Year. Some of their stories are pathetic and the conditions under which they live is appalling. They are scattered all over the place and sleeping on verandas and open space like people without a Homeland. It was a great joy for shepherd and flock to be united again and the happiness of our visit almost moved us to tears,” Bishop Nkea told National Telegraph.

It should be noted that Biya has ordered the total militarisation of Manyu County. Ballistic misiles and armoured vehicles have all been fared to Manyu. The Defense Boss of LRC left Manyu on Tuesday morning enroute to Yaounde. He celebrated the January 1, New Year’s Day with the military in Mamfe.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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