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Paul Biya Is Satan Incarnate-Rev Father Gerald Jumbam





In tributes to the 2nd anniversary of September 22nd, Massacre Of Ambazonians by French Cameroun Forces, Father Gerald Jumbam, a Roman Catholic priest, continues his letters to the world, in this episode he says Ambazonians lives matter and that the presence of Satan is in Biya’s head and body. Read on

Ambazonian Lives Matter!

When the Takenbeng mass Protest of 22 September 2017 took on such national and international breadth and accomplishment, when Cardinal Christian Tumi ( a federalist of the Cameroun republic) recently put out a questionnaire among the Southern Cameroonians and his findings in an interview that 69 percent of Southern Cameroonians want absolute independence, we should have inquired why people in such great numbers are wanting total liberation and independence…but international institutions in their carelessness on things Africa, allow Paul Biya to stage out his genocide and go free. Yet, and with great strides, the resilient people of the Southern Cameroons in their resourceful #GenocideInSouthernCameroons campaign has electrified a hitherto unsure international community to pay attention to a conflict that has been wrongly viewed as a parochial ‘Cameroon problem’. One gets the feeling that even in Africa people believe that the restoration of the independence of the Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia) by their beleaguered peoples is ahistorical or something that could well be checked by the reckless disgusting Paul Biya.

The Southern Cameroonians may have some few things to do with the Cameroun republic as a result of the almost fifty miserable years they have had with them, but something has occurred several times in their history that has reignited an unyielding Ambazonian freedom fighting spirit growing beyond the capacity of the Cameroun republic and the people are inflexibly submitting their loyalties and wills to their Independence. A ‘wild, dangerous beast’ has unleashed its fangs and teeth on them and they are ready to defend their wives and children and property and land against the plunderer. Paul Biya the Almighty and his military can kill the people but he and his ill-famed cabal cannot conquered their wills and hearts.

Real Presence of Satan!

Power has mounted the head of Paul Biya and it needs episodic nutriment in blood. They sat down and cooked up the witches’ soup of genocide with which they have judiciously worked it out and effectively have poisoned not the Southern Cameroons but the standing of their Cameroun republic. The blunder has just been one metaphor for a country in chaos. And they can’t help their own self-inflicted confusion. These years of the Ambazonian holocaust its citizens have witnessed the Real Presence of Satan in their land. Today, that Monster is still around; it has left land and has caught us nearly everywhere, even in the Diaspora, in our very hearts, in our very minds, in our very wills. That Satan is the temptation to fear in areas that never troubled us before, protracted spells of discouragement, bouts of reservations that seem to eat us up, enticing appeals to wicked compromise, hostility toward other comrades, longings to give up on the liberation struggle, the lure to turn away from the means of God’s grace, apologies made for lack of progress, and dangerous remarks about other activists.

To be continued

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