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A Coded Farewell to Biya Ahead of Elections by U.S. Envoy to Yaounde.



mass murder scheme in ambazonia




In a prepared statement after being granted an audience with the colonial president of La Republique, Paul Biya on May 17, the U.S Ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin relayed President Trump’s best wishes as Cameroun gears up for its national day celebration.

The press release, published on the U.S. embassy website and having been examined by BaretaNews highlights that issues of ”common interest” were discussed with the colonial head-of-state.

On the topic of bilateral cooperation, the U.S. Envoy seems to align with Biya on welcoming American companies whose establishment packages come with the provision of workplace development and training. Technological know-how, protection of the environment and respect for human rights among the perks offered by these companies.

Ambassador Barlerin showed concern in cooperating with Yaounde in the health sector. The fight against prevailing diseases such as malaria, bird flu, HIV/AIDS as well as proposing solutions for the prevention and detection of these pandemics. He reiterated the fact that there are still charges for the screening of HIV/AIDS-related treatments in the Cameroons. Urging the Yaounde cabal to follow in the footsteps of Nigeria and the Ivory Coast in scrapping fees which have seen a significant retention rate over the years.

Naturally, security coordination through the joint effort in fighting Boko Haram up Far North featured with Mr. Ambassador singing the praises of La Republique’s Defense Minister whom he’s been assured U.S military equipment would be used only to fight the armed group Boko Haram.

Citing a survey by the United Nations Development Program, 71 percent of those who’ve become radicalized, was pushed into violence by government actions. He welcomed the notion of a recent communique promising an investigation of torture allegations against La Republique security forces of a prisoner. Without an independent commission put in place, the probe will yield no tangible results.

While calling on all parties to cease the violence on the ongoing conflict in Ambazonia, Ambassador Barlerin urged the colonial president Biya to use his leadership position and listen to the other side. Concerning upcoming elections with a yet-to-be-fixed-date, he suggested the octogenarian president should be thinking of his ”legacy” and how he intends to be remembered by the record keepers. A tell-tale sign that Washington, no longer see Biya as credible steward and it’s about time for him to pass that baton.





Neba Benson,

BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst



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