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Consortium Rally Southern Cameroonians in Houston



Southern Cameroons Rally in Houston.

If you fail to realized, Southern Cameroons is already self-governing through the Consortium actions- through you the people who have decided in taking control of your country. La Republique formalized the self-governing in a tacit way by calling for schools reopening today 7th march ignoring Monday 6th because they knew it was ghost towns. In fact, La Republique government respected the Consortium decision. Their calls today for schools failed- You the people of Southern Cameroons shamed them. Therefore, we must continue in step-wise direction (molo molo) gathering all supports we need to reach the end goal of restoration.

Houston Rally

Therefore, Southern Cameroonians are rallying in Houston USA. The conference will host many figures within the Southern Cameroons struggle. Interim Consortium Leader Tapang Ivo Tanku will begin in Houston and will continue across all states in the USA to boost up morale and support for the struggle. Southern Cameroonians need to fund their own struggle. A lot of persons have been talking about a radio station from neighboring countries and funding other “ground activities” which cannot be disclosed here, then this conference is the opportunity. I should reiterate that there is already a committee studying the radio option, hopefully, something good will come but this needs funds.

So if you are around Houston, please rally for this conference. Keep away all differences and attend no matter what group you belong or how you feel about Ivo/Mark, we are all from the same homeland-Mother Southern Cameroons we love so much. Go there, share ideas, share tactics. If you must fund and you have the means then fund, if you don’t have, your ideas will build up something good. If you are in other states and you cannot make it to Houston, organize yourself in a community, invite Ivo to join you. Let us remember the group options I posted last time how we as a group can help those back home.

God bless you
Mark Bareta.

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