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The Clarion Call: When You Take Our Dignity



The Clarion Call: When You Take Our Dignity

The killing of Southern Cameroonians in Bamenda; the maiming of Southern Cameroonians in Buea; the Raping of Southern Cameroonians in Buea; the destruction of University students hostels in Bamenda and Buea; the brutality and public flogging of Southern Cameroons Lawyers; the Francophonisation of our laws, courts, education, government institutions and hospitals; the annexation and colonization of every sector in Southern Cameroons: all these shall and should not go in vain. We would not have this opportunity anymore. Southern Cameroonians should remain resolute.

Southern Cameroonians should make it a duty every day before going to bed to have a round table family discussions. Parents should teach their kids what it means to be a Southern Cameroonian. Teach them the right history, tell them the need for liberty. In fact, have a discussion with your children daily on why Southern Cameroons should be free.
It is important to note that the only end point that should be singing into the ears of our people should be Federation or Independence. Like I said, it is now the people’s fight. It has passed the teachers or lawyers struggle. We thank the teachers and lawyers for being the pointers, it has to grow now, the movement should grow and lawyers/teachers should embrace the movement and start talking as one. They must come under one umbrella so that our voices should not be drained. We should begin singing songs of liberty. We should begin teaching our children the right history.

Any solution from the government of Paul Biya by means of a decree shall be cosmetic. You must listen to the people. The people want a Federation or Independence. La Republique should be on this level hence. The bottom line is that we want to take care of our own affairs and Southern Cameroonians deserved another referendum to choose between Federation or Independence. No centralisation anymore.
Now, every sector in Southern Cameroons is affected. And so the people need a common solution and a common leader. Southern Cameroons have suffered enough.

And so do I submit
Mark Bara and I approve this message

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