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Daphne Outburst (Anglophones Oyee) Highlighted The Ambazonia Dream



Daphne Outburst (Anglophones Oyee) Highlighted The Ambazonia Dream

I am not really into the Cameroons entertainment industry, but music is good for the soul. In most cases, our ‘Anglophone’ artists have not been outstanding to support victims of the war especially humanitarian. This is exactly where they fit.

However, that is an issue for another day. Daphne’s outburst after winning the Cameroun award was so exciting. She never believed she could make it. In her statement she said if someone told her, an Anglophone could win the award, she would not have believed. Daphne came out true and sincere and her outbursts again confirmed how ‘Anglophones’ feel in a country they called their own. I think everyone watching her felt the same way. Her outburst showed the second class feeling, the identity crisis so called Anglophones have in that country. Its the system and that is how they have made it. That particular award shocked Daphne, she thought it was meant for the Francophones as there are things in that Cameroons, ‘Anglophones’ cannot get. It reiterated the denial ‘Anglophones’ have been having for the past 57 years and once again highlighted the Ambazonia dream

While I applaud Daphne for expressing her innermost feelings, all Southern Cameroonians feel so, I think she failed to use the stage to stand out as a voice to speak out about the atrocities happening in the ‘North West and South West Regions’, if I am permitted to use these words. The Cameroun first lady was in the hall, many other personalities, etc. No one is asking her to be political, but artists like that usually use these types of opportunity to make a statement.The number of deaths in her area, the IDPs, her mothers in the bush, etc. warranted a short statement that could have touched all sides of the war, even in French/English just in a bid to make sure the Dictator’s wife got the message. Artists usually prepare short statement beforehand on what to say, it is clear Daphne never prepared, I wouldn’t even blame her much, she had no idea she would win the prestigious awards, the more reason her response was a true innermost feelings that exposes how ‘Anglophones’ have been going through in that country

The ‘Anglophone’ entertainment industry will soon become the Ambazonia Entertainment industry. All of you artists, tech guys, entrepreneurs, etc. having it difficult, fighting with an identity crisis, do not despair. Believe in our abilities and that of the Amba boys to free homeland. Ambazonia will be a land of milk and honey. Listen, we know the stuff you guys are made off, we see it now in this colonial Cameroun, we know in a free and independent Ambazonia, you guys will flourish and just like in other economies, you guys will transform the Economic Prowess of Ambazonia. We understand how difficult it is for you guys now, but never lose hope. YOU WILL SOON COME HOME

Mark Bareta

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