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Camerounese Commemorate La Republique Martyrs



Union of the Peoples of Cameroon, otherwise known as UPC party are commemorating the lives of French Cameroun martyrs beginning from the 13th of September 2016 in Douala. CRTV mentioned that the one-week event will end on 17th of September 2016. The commemoration will be marked by debates and round tables on the role of martyrs in the fight for Independence of Cameroun.

We are told that the debates which have been organized by University dons, political observers and historians will exploit topics such as the 1957 massacre and the role of the “makizas” in the political history and independence of Cameroun. The annual event is thought by many as a fertile platform for history students to better master the history of Cameroun’s Independence.

Apart from the round table discussions, an ecumenical service will be organized in honour of the UPC Martyrs who fought and died for the independence of Cameroun. They are Um Nyobe, Dr. Felix Moume, Ernest Ouandie, Alex Kingue, Afana, Charles Assalé, Léonard Bouli, Guillaume Bagal etc.

The UPC was the only revolutionary party in Cameroun. During a meeting of the Fourth Commission of the UN General Assembly that granted a forum for three French Cameroonians to make their case as it concerns French rule in French Cameroon, its leader Reuben Um Nyobe urged the UN to grant immediate independence to French Cameroun and to later on consider reunification with British Southern Cameroons.

God is still saying something.

updated from CRTV

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