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Anglophone Most Rated Radio Talk Show Off The Air



CRTV just announced that as from September 19, 2016, Anglophone most listened and rated Radio talk show Morning Safari will be no more. We are told it will be recalled by another program called DAY BREAK to be aired from 4:30 a.m. to 6 a.m. This information was made known by the Central Director for Radio, Alain Belibi. He said the new program will have just a presenter.

According to CRTV boss, this innovation is important as several topics will be handled on the programmes daily rather than having just one

It should be noted that Morning Safari that usually broadcasts from Monday to Thursday, 5 a.m. to 6 30 a.m. has been rated by many Anglophones and Cameroonians at large as CRTV‘s most popular English Language radio talk show. Morning Safari handled crucial topics of national interest such as politics health, culture, economy, commerce, technology, education and religions amongst others. BaretaNews can affirm that the program managed to cut across all age groups as most people will get up as early as possible to listen to the program.

We understand change is good but change should only come when the previous is wanting. Morning safari by all standard is good and delivers. However, the new management says their intent is to move closer to its audiences through many more news-oriented programmes

Recalled that earlier Cameroon’s TV breakfast show HELLO was baptized HELLO CAMEROON.
God is still saying something

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