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Jakiri Storm: Southern Cameroons Interim President Sends Words







The Southern Cameroons Interim President of the Governing Council H.E Sisiku Ayuk Julius Tabe has issued a statement regarding the storm that swept the Jakiri county. In a statement issued on Facebook, he offered the people of Jakiri the support of Southern Cameroonians. The President had this to say:

Some of the properties destroyed

Information is reaching us about a serious storm that swept through Jakiri yesterday Monday 25 July between 2:30 – 3:00 pm, causing considerable damage in its path.


Meanwhile we feel a bit relieved to have learnt from our sources in Jakiri that no live was lost, we also learnt that the terrifying cyclonic wind and thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rainfall, caused a lot of damage especially on the houses of residents, crop farms, and livestock.

We stand in solidarity with with our people from Jakiri who were victims of this disaster and encourage them to stay strong and resolute as ever before as we continue the struggle for our independence restoration. In a free Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia) there will be support and relief services to take care of victims of incidents of this nature….” The President concluded.

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