CAMEROUN WILL EXPLODE AND BECOME SOMALIA- Dieudonné Essomba, Camerounese Activist

mass murder scheme in ambazonia






‘I WILL SHUT UP WHEN ITS OVER’, Dieudonné Essomba

I’ll shut up when it’s over.

I am talking about the anglophone problem because it is still possible to save the furniture because there is still a solution. And my responsibilities force me to down, down again and down, in the hope that we will understand.Some prefer to fall asleep on their certainties, by projecting the world’s expectations and the laws governing the world. They then take examples that fix them, looking at Spain, France or the other major countries of Europe, but by refusing the examples that are closer and more meaningful to Cameroon.

African-Born African countries are 6:

1. Nigeria who experienced the civil war. General Ironsi was an ibo, and when he took power, he deleted the federation on the grounds that it would prevent ibo traders from deploying their activities. This measure gives rise to a violent reaction from other communities that overthrow and kill him, then slaughter the installed ibos that ironsi claimed to protect. In the face of this situation, the ibos revolt and try to create a state, but their attempt fails. Nigeria becomes federal.

2. Sudan is born federal, with part of the north, formed of Arabs and a southern part, formed black. But very quickly, the Khartoum authorities delete the Federation, triggering a violent war that leads to the secession of Southern Sudan.

3. Eritrea had been detached from the Ethiopian Empire by Italian settlers, but to independence, it was rebound to Ethiopia under a federal model. Quickly, the empire authorities delete the Federation, triggering a terrible war that leads to Eritrean secession.

4. Somalia was born federal, with Somalia that had been colonized by the English and Somaliland that had been colonized by Italy. The military authorities eliminated the Federation, triggering a widespread disorder, which has now led to an independent Somaliland and peace, Democratic, next to a totally imploded Somalia.

5. Tanzania was born with two entities, Tanganyika and the island of Zanzibar. They had the lucidity of never changing their management model and never had a problem.

6. Cameroon was also born federal and this federation was deleted. The fact that anglophones did not react rather has grown the illusion that this model had grafted. It must be an extreme naivety to imagine that Cameroon is going to get away where other African countries have failed.

The great lesson we’re getting is that we don’t delete a federation. It was a mistake, and there will be an aggravating situation. This stubbornness in the unitary state will inevitably result in the effective secession of anglophones, and it is unstoppable. There is no human way to escape this situation.

The only prospect is to return to the federation by extending it across the territory.And we have no time.

In fact, Cameroon’s true destiny is that of Somalia: Anglophones will leave, and the day they leave, Francophone Cameroon will explode.
If I insist, it’s good because I know there’s absolutely nothing else to do. The day I will shut up, and this day is no longer, know that everything is lost for Cameroon!

Dieudonné Essomba



  1. lambi

    December 10, 2018 at 8:34 PM

    truly Cameroon must learn from history and that’s a good one there

  2. sunshine

    December 10, 2018 at 9:52 PM

    french cameroun on it’s spiral collapse

    The yaounde criminal band led by biya is like macron thinking as president, he can threaten and trample on people’s rights and go free by ordering security to mow them down. As Ambazonians die each day from biya’s death squats brutally killing Ambazonians, biya can continue to harbor the frenzy illusion that Ambazonians will give up so he can kill all. Ambazonia is standing their ground. Reports show that biya continues killing unarmed Ambazonians under the pretext of cross fire from the Amba Boys. biya is so afraid to face our Amba Boys After all is said and done, biya and his french and Amberican trained army shall withdraw in shame and disgust for killing women, children and old people in Ambazonia… what a shame. Even dr. banda ghogomu with his tail between his two legs stood talking from two sides of his mouth how biya’s commission is helpful in addressing the Ambazonia revolt. ghogomu is not aware that commissions set up to resolve the Ambazonian problem never helped in the past.
    My regards to the Amba boys who have STOOD TALL AND RESOLUTE in the face of biya’s intransigence and disregard for their nation AMBAZONIA. biya and his criminal gang HAVE LOST Ambazonia. Ambazonia is moving away FROM french cameroun, CONFUSED, RIDICULED AND DISGRACED. THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF THE WHITE ELEPHANT COUNTY called french cameroun (lrc). A wicket fool like biya who refuse to humble himself shall be humiliated.

  3. malis

    December 11, 2018 at 4:04 AM


  4. Mukong

    December 12, 2018 at 6:54 AM

    Whether it is Haile Selassie in Ethiopia or Mohamed Siad Barre in Somalia, history knows that these were people who were fierce nationalists and were proud enough to build a nation unlike this loser in LRC who will never question any request from the french leeches. Incredibly enough, he takes pleasure at dehumanizing, killing as well as pillaging and plundering the resources of a people who dare to say enough is enough.
    Mengistu Haile Mariam decided to eliminate members of the Co-ordinating Committee or Dergue like General Aman Adom, Teferi Banti and others thinking that he was invincible, yet when the time came, he was forced into exile. Siad Barre did same only he was also forced into exile.
    For this french “ngombe” called Biya, he and his lackeys will be made to pay for all their excesses in Ambazonia as “those who have refused to learn from history are always doomed to repeat the errors of the past”.

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