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We are back to the days of Gestapo- PCC Synod Clerk



“He Who Receives A Prophet Will Receive A Prophet’s Reward And Anyone Who Receives A Righteous Person Because S/he Is A Righteous Person Will Receive A Righteous Person’s Reward!”

Perhaps no-one could have said it any better than Jesus.
The true prophet and righteous people are among the most hated people in the world. The true prophet and the righteous people are hated because they uphold truth, righteousness and justice; virtues that provokes bitter bile in the crooked people who are steeped in the ways of the world!

Today we are back in the days of the Gestapo where a man’s enemies may be those of his household; where people are whisked off to unknown destinations, where an innocent opinion about the state of affairs is enough for one to be arrested for being an enemy of the system! Total blackout in communication makes it worst! This is 2017, but we are rather living in George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty Four” where “Big Brother’s” eye is right in one’s bedroom, such that there’s no longer any privacy. We live in times when you can say only what pleases the ears of Big Brother but you cannot speak of what obtains because truth, justice and righteousness can only be used as slogans to blindfold those who care to know if all is well! All is not well at all! It is a whitewashed sepulchre!

It is what my people term, “Bon mandzi, mbû ndab” (Clean outwardly but full of dirt in the house)! What a world!

In all these my friends, let the prophet and the righteous not deviate from the path of truth, righteousness and justice because truth shall prevail!
Whatever you do in pursuit of truth, righteousness and justice, you do it in the name of Jesus! And whatever you do in Jesus’ name, you will certainly not lose your reward!” (Mtt. 10: 40-42).
I wish you a blessed weekend! Peace be with you!


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