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Cameroun Military Abducts Baiyi Chief, Plans To Execute Him



Letter To BaretaNews: Cameroun Military Abducts Baiyi Chief, Plans To Execute Him

In a letter that has been sent to BaretaNews desk by one of our reporters in Kumba, Meme County, it has been revealed that Cameroun military has abducted the Chief of Baiyi and taken him to Mabanda concentration camp for execution. We now know that the military camp in mabanda, Kumba is an execution area where all Southern Cameroonians abducted and unjustly accused are executed. The Cameroun Ambazonia war has taken a toll in the Southern Cameroons community with over 436.000 internally displaced, +50.000 refugees in Nigeria with more than 5000 dead. The abduction of this chief if not checked, he will be executed. This is how citizens in the former British Southern Cameroons have been executed and punished.

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“Good day,

Please I am not sure how you guys can help block these LRC military from harming Chief Motto from Baiyi. He was taking refuge in Daniel street in Kumba haven escaped from his village because of the war. Yesterday,the 1st of January 2019, an armored car pulled up at his residence at Daniel street. He was in short trousers and about to enter the bathroom. He was brutally dragged out and taken away in the armored car. He was taken to a military base at Mabanda Kumba. Thats where executions take place. A friend working at the central police in Kumba told me that’s where people are taken from their cells for execution once they are determined to be collaborating with our fighters. I fear for that Chief’s life. So may be by creating awareness, it help scares these monsters…”


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bonnie

    January 3, 2019 at 12:00 AM

    At this stage of the war, ground zero should have broken into all prisons in Ambazonia to release those innocent people lamenting in those rotten prisons,all the counties/aka blocks should have been much secure for our people to not allow this type of abductions to go without putting up resistance,with all the funding giving each week/ month to all the stake holders of Ambazonia especially those who beat their chest, these types of crimes by lrc should have not happen, Ambazonians on ground zero wants some strong resistance and protection,the people must be thought simple man made Self defence methods to use on moving terrorists army vehicles,and be vigilant at all times,the rumours is that Macron is visiting Chad to gain 2000+ or mercenary soldiers to fight Amba boys on ground zero,the IG and other self defence parties must be prepare,no more talk talk,ready for the inevitable,biya the butcher of French Cameroon is a dying horse in need of fresh blood and must be taught a lesson that, no amount of mercenary will overcome the will of the patriotic people of Ambazonia.

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