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Buea Mayor Goes Tribalistic: Tambe Tiku, GO BACK TO MANYU



Mr. Ekema Patrick has reacted angrily to the South West Secretary-General of the National Commission of human rights violation claims. The Mayor in a letter addressed to the commission slammed its leader, Barrister Tambe Tiku for discrediting the commission’s reputation established by President Biya as an institution for consultation, dialogue and concerted action as enshrined in law number 2004/016 of 22nd July 2004.

Mayor Ekema Patrick, in turn, accused Tambe Tiku of regularly misusing his office to ventilate personal issues and as well as minimising administrative processes. He went further to say Tambe Tiku lacks professionalism. The Mayor claimed Mr. Tiku did not follow procedures to reach him and that using a phone call is not sufficient to reach him

“The offensive, abusive and arrogant public authority manifested by Tambe Tiku simply represents the small mindedness and narrow vision with which he handles complaints”. added Mr. Ekema. Mayor Ekema added that the Regional Secretary Barrister Tambe Tiku has the culture of talking low on public officials including highly respected Fako traditional authorities.

Mayor Ekema went on to say that the South West region is badly in need of a decent man to run the secretariat of the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedom. Ekema went on to say that Tambe Tiku should return to his native Manyu and practice party politics.

BaretaNews should note that the Buea Mayor has totally lost it. He did not address the complaints the Human Right Commission made instead he went ballistic on Barrister Tambe Tiku to the point of asking him to leave Buea and go back to Manyu. This is tribalism to the highest order and should not be coming from the Mayor. The Mayor is too full of himself and lacks simple public relations. We of BaretaNews are behind the Human Right Commission. We call on Barrister Tambe Tiku to use all resources at his disposal to see that Mayor Ekema respects the law and pay those council workers he has kept for months without salary.

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