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Unregistered Candidates Sitting For The GCE, Few Candidates Write Under Pressure



Reports reaching BaretaNews confirms that the General Certificate of Education Examinations (GCE) commenced yesterday, Monday 15th May 2017 with practical sessions in Food Science and Nutrition, and Computer Sciences. Students, parents and the general public gave a ghostly response in the various centres across the Southern Cameroons.

It should be recalled that Southern Cameroons socio-political activists had called on parents, teachers, educational institutions, and the general public to boycott the exams cognisant of the fact that children have not been in school for more than seven months and counting. Also, this was a non-violent means to sustain the struggle, that is shutting down schools which from evidence, worries the administration.

Most streets and towns across Southern Cameroons were completely deserted even though few students could be seen around campuses to take the exams. Lots of confusion arose in the various urban writing centres following the fact that candidates could not identify their centres. Students who did not even register were admitted into the writing centers, BaretaNews gathered.

Meanwhile, the military could be seen parading these writing centres with arms. Onlookers ponder how candidates can write and pass an exam which they never prepared for, which are being supervised under such conditions amidst the ongoing tensions. Also, it was confirmed that some writing centres in the Northwest region were burnt down by unknown civilians. BaretaNews however, condemn these acts and urges everyone to remain steadfast.

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