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Buea Fire Storm: Mayor Ekema Offers Help



On Saturday, July 17th at about 6pm, BaretaNews broke the news of a huge fire which consumed several shops in Molyko, Buea. The building which had about 20 stores in it saw everything brought down to ashes.

BaretaNews notes that accessories, assorted articles, clothes, electronics and other communication gadgets were all destroyed by the fire. This did not go without pickpockets who tried to make do with some goods as the owners tried to save some of their goods. It took the men of uniform to limit the activities of the pickpockets.

It is not yet understood what caused the fire. We are told that three families who were rendered homeless due to the fire have been moved to a hotel at Bomaka by the mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick. The mayor also pledged support to the victims and their families.

BaretaNews salutes the moves from the Mayor. The human part showed by him is very necessary at this point in time where he had come under much attacks from the media and human right office Buea. However, BaretaNews thinks the Mayor should hence do more lobbying for the regional capital to own the fire brigade and maybe mini firefighters with the Council department could do some help in such situations.

God is still saying something.


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