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Buea Colonial DO Goes Mad, Threatens Southern Zone Traditional Authourities



mass murder scheme in ambazonia
Buea D.O Threatens South West Chiefs Conference President for refusal to march on 20th May.
The war seem to have just begun between colonial administrators of the southern Zone and the Traditional rulers there. The Colonial Divisional Officer for Buea has written a long warning letter full of insults and hates language to disapprove of the South West Chiefs Conference’s denial to carry placards and lead their subjects as demanded by colonial Governor, Okalia Bilia. In the letter dated May 3rd, 2019 the colonial D.O says he observed that the decision not to march by the chiefs was solely that of their president, Chief Njie Mafany who he says has deliberately distorted and manipulated the words of the colonial Governor of the Southern Zone. Even though these words are captured on live images.
According to the D.O, Chief Mafany didn’t attend the meeting but is issuing a dubious refusal note on behalf of an asoociation that the Governor didn’t refer to. To him, It’s an attempt to bring disunity in Cameroun. The Colonial D.O added that “I deem it necessary to remind you that in your capacity as auxiliary of the administration, such agitation is punishable at the administrative, Disciplinary and Penal Levels especially in this period of security challenges. Consequently this letter of observation is intended to convey my total disapproval of this malicious, odious, and intriguing attitude as well as firmly caution you against such misconducts”
This letter coming about 3 days after that of the chiefs, is a total war declared by colonial administrative authorities on the traditional ruler of the Southern Cameroons. The threat is persistent and it is clear that the colonial D.O for Buea has the backing for his Chiefs Association. Better still some of the chiefs may have back paddle and betrayed this decision not to desecrate the cultures of the people by heeding to colonial calls. The fight is gradually shifting to every heritage of Anglo-Saxon Origin and that must come to a haul now. Let them carry their march pass of Disunity to their land, not on Ambazonian soil.
We of this platform will like to inform the Colonial administrators that, it’s not by threatening the chiefs that anything will change. The decision to have the traditional rulers uphold the heritage of the people is a collective desire of the people of the Southern Cameroons. Any attempt to disrupt that will be severely dealt with. From the 18th May, no one is expected to be outside for any such activities, not even the chiefs themselves, for the consequences will be high.
Therefore, we charge all forces necessary to take concrete actions to ensure that these laws of our land be enforced to the latter. We are Ambazonians and do not celebrate slavery of a so called National Day that near was. We must fight this till the end, or forever die fighting.
Sumelong Ekane

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