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British Southern Cameroons Resistance Force Calls On International Bodies To Rescue Abdul Karim From LRC’s Den, Or Muslims Action Might Be Regrettable



British Southern Cameroons Resistance Force Calls On International Bodies To Rescue Abdul Karim From LRC’s Den, Or Muslim’s Action Might Be Regrettable

By Mbah Godlove

The British Southern Cameroons Resistance Force (BSCRF) says the international community, and particularly, Switzerland’s delay in rescuing Ambazonian activist, Abdul Karim Ali from French Cameroun’s dreaded SED might deteriorate the situation of the Hausa minority in Southern Cameroons. In a strongly worded release signed recently by the Chairperson of BSCRF, Vy Mbanwie entreated international bodies and the Swiss government to urgently intervene in the Muslim scholar detention, and speed up his liberation from the dreadful detention center, SED in LRC’s capital, Yaounde.

Retrospecting how his arrest came about, the document unequivocally stated that for two weeks now, the prisoner, Karim has been denied of primary needs such as food and water after he had attended a meeting allegedly organized and endorsed by Switzerland.

From Switzerland, he returned to Cameroun and was whisked away to SED by the Biya barbaric military who have continuously given him deadly treatments.

The event unfolded shortly after the scholar had left the Swiss embassy in LRC, to report what had been discussed in the September 20 to 22 meeting in Switzerland.

In that regard, officials of the BSCRF reminded the Swiss government most particularly, that it is her responsibility to guarantee Abdul Karim’s release in a few days to come, else, it will reveal her frailty in successfully bringing to an end the genocidal war that has submerged Ambazonians into melancholy for the past three years.

The release also decried the illegal arrest of the outspoken Ali, which according to it, is an epitome of thousands of Ambazonians who have been incarcerated in LRC’s jails for exercising their fundamental right to speech, which all international bodies have ratified.

“His [Ali’s] arrest and torture is not only considered as an assault of an Ambazonian but also as a direct attack on our minority Hausa and Muslim community which we cherish and protect.
As a prominent Islamic scholar of his community,
we fear that his arrest represents an attack on Islam and will precipitate further unrest in his community,” the release stated.

Before Abdul Karim’s present predicament, he fervently defended his Muslim brotherhood by courageously demanding the regime’s Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji to apologize for forcing ignorant Muslim faithfuls to swear on the Quran that, they will denounce all Boko Haram’s insurgency.

The peaceful request reportedly resulted in Karim’s arrest, though he was later released. The sponsor of militia groups in Ambazonia, Atanga Nji has never made any apology pertaining to the blasphemy.

Many are now afraid that Muslims across Ambazonian their counterparts in Cameroun might be pushed to the walls and have nothing else to do, than to take to the streets, regardless of reprisal by the baby-killer government of 86 year-old President Paul Biya.

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