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Ambazonian fighters pounced on French Cameroun secret agents



Ambazonian fighters pounced on LRC secret agent.
By Mbah Godlove

Jubilation in Bamenda after two men who have been working hand in gloves with the colonial military of La Republique du Cameroun were killed on Friday, October 18th morning. A renowned denizen whose name BN got as Nkwenti aka Scopion and his disciple, Solo were in the early hours of Friday October 18 at up station, a locality hosting the occupational Governor of the Northern Zone. Reliable sources in the neighborhood say the dealings of the said individual were unclean as he and his gang were notorious for revealing hide outs of Ambazonian fighters in Mendankweh.

” The boy’s activities have been suspicious. He worked all day long with uniformed men, though pretending to be a mere ‘busher’. His death is no surprise to us. We simply choose to remain indoors,” a source said.

The colonial regime has several collaborators who dig and provide them with information about Pro Independence fighters. The selfless fighters have undertaken a new commitment aimed at unraveling and punishing the enemies of the God’s ordained revolution.

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