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Boycott Musicians Who Have Not Stood Up For The Struggle



The Southern Cameroons struggle has entered another gear in the past months with various groups, activists, and the people of Southern Cameroons intensifying their efforts to sustain the struggle. In a statement from high profile socio-political activist Mark Bareta, on April 3rd called on Southern Cameroonians to boycott all musicians from Cameroon who have not stood up to voice out concerns in the struggle. It should be noted that the Southern Cameroonian struggle is gaining grounds nationally and internationally following persistent calls via various platforms. Here of, music is not to be underestimated, it will be thoughtful for musicians from the Cameroons to “keep the ship sailing” by using their talents and huge followings to add their voice to the struggle.

In this line, Mark Bareta writes, “…this is the time these musicians move around Europe and the United States for concerts. I hear Nguea La Route will be in USA and guys are already advertising her. These musicians will expect you to come out, pay gate fees to watch them sing. Na new song? Those days are over. Southern Cameroonians should boycott these musicians and put their money in the struggle. If you must have fun, there are hundred other ways to get fun.”

He further emphasised, “Please in this struggle it is an eye for an eye, you do me, I do you. Musicians should use music to inspire and speak out even in the most sarcastic ways. Musicians are by themselves activists. They should be bold to speak out. They should not say am not into politics. To say NO to human rights abuses is not politics. Southern Cameroonians, we have come of age. We must begin severing the Cameroun link and free ourselves from mental slavery. If we can call out our people back home to boycott events of La Republique and we go to watch and clap for any musician who has failed to show concern for the struggle especially a Camerounese then we are hypocrites and we are committing a capital SIN.”

However, he added by calling on the people to encourage and promote with all enthusiasm musicians who have shown concern and who stood up for the people amidst the trying times. In conclusion, Mark noted that change and freedom begin with you and that Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora must begin making these musicians or Cameroun events start seeing the impact of “Anglophone” boycott and the power of Southern Cameroons diaspora.

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