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Bomb Explosion In Bamenda Spurs Phobia In Colonial Officials Amidst Restrictions



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

Bomb Explosion In Bamenda Spurs Phobia In Colonial Officials Amidst Restrictions

By Mbah Godlove

A bomb expulsion in Akum, Mezam County of Ambazonia’s Northern Zone has triggered panic among colonial officials.

BaretaNews sources in the locality revealed that the said explosion occurred on a passenger bus Thursday, August 20.

It remains unclear whether any fatalities were recorded in the incidence, but colonial defense and administrative officials have expressed fear over the uncertainty which surrounds their stay in Ambazonia.

Speaking in Bamenda earlier this Thursday, colonial Governor, Adolf Lele Lafrique claimed that measures were being taken to track down the perpetrators and that insecurity will be an issue of the past.

The explosion comes at a time French Cameroun’s Minister of Interior, Paul Atanga Nji has called on the Governors of the Northern and Southern Zones to strictly implement some imposed restrictions on the sales of some metal equipment.

According to Atanga Nji, a four-month renewable ban on the indiscriminate sales of machetes, axes, and iron rods would be strictly implemented so as to curb insecurity in Ambazonia.

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