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BIYA RIDICULES GENOCIDE: His Criminality shall not have the last Word




(Tribute to the Ambazonian Woman on the Second Anniversary of the Takenbeng mass Protest of 22 September 2017)

By Fr. Gerald Jumbam Nyuykongmo


It is becoming normal in our day to cast doubt upon the reality of the King of Hell. But if you doubt the existence of Satan, come to Ambazonia (the former British Southern Cameroons) and see what Lucifer looks like in the form of genocide, and what agents of the Inferno have been capable of in Ambazonia in recent times. The Evil One’s real victory is when people take him jestingly. And as a consequence, we are ignorant of his scheming strategy, his atrocious tactic, his cunning campaign, and his massive military.


The Cunning Trick of a President

On the 10th of September 2019 Paul Biya of the Cameroun republic made what I consider a momentous speech, momentous because the criminal of a despicable genocide was the first, in an official speech, to call the word itself: “the ridiculous accusation of genocide” he said. Evidently he intended this a cunning trick to scheme his way through the horrendous crime against humanity he is guilty of, so as to metamorphose himself into an innocent prey in the hands of ‘a rampaging people’. The trick did not work for the simple reason that the day before his speech, videos of a mass grave in Yaoundé were paraded in social media, videos of perhaps Ambazonian people who had been kidnapped and abducted (possibly corpses picked from various burned villages) by his military men from their homeland to be disgracefully thrown into huge graves.

Did Peter Barlerin the United States of America’s ambassador to Cameroon not in May 2018 prosecute Paul Biya’s government to have committed ‘targeted killings’ of the Southern Cameroonians – a severe and undecorated condemnation? International and national human right organizations have joined voice and reported that more than 300 Ambazonian villages have been set to ashes. About 2,000 Southern Cameroonians have been brutally butchered, especially by the Cameroon military.

The word genocide has not only come from local media. The English newspaper The Guardian has described in telling language the phenomenon and The Spectator had reported on Cameroon in similar terms. The Swiss MP Sylvain Thevoz, in the wake of Paul Biya’s eviction from Geneva, during an on-air debate, spoke about the genocide. All these are a result of a war Paul Biya declared on peaceful protesters and armless freedom fighters of the Southern Cameroons on which has plunged the territory into a genocide.

Orchestrators of Genocide

The campaign for the extermination of the Southern Cameroon manhood began in earnest on Sunday, 1st October 2017, where a swamp of military men armed to the teeth swooped in on jubilating civilians in the major cities of the Southern Cameroons, weaponless civilians who were on festive mood celebrating their Independence Day. By the time their murderous and infernal mission was concluded, Paul Biya’s Mephistophelian military men had left more than 100 unprotected civilians butchered that day, over 500 arrested and arbitrarily detained, and several more injured in what has come to be the most recent and most despicable holocaust in living memory and what is certainly a reckless desecration of not only the sacred but also the inviolability of human life.

Quite a lot has come up as narratives on this question, interrogations made and investigations carried out on this upsetting and disgusting calamity to bear repetition here. Numerous perspectives have been given of the true orchestrator and author of this ongoing vicious extermination of peoples, and the answer is leading to one man: Paul Biya, the president of the Cameroun republic. In the wake of the shameful 1stOctober butchery of the Southern Cameroonians, Catholic bishops of the Southern Cameroons described how his Government gave firm directives, asking people to stay at home.

The majority that stayed at home were quickly visited by the Forces of Law and Order who intimidated them, arrested them and took some to where we do not know. In Buea, Kumba, Mamfe, Kumbo and Bamenda, this trend of activity was rampant. In Bamesing…some young men were caught and shot on the legs…Some people who were killed were carried away and it is not known where their bodies were taken to…It is reported that truckloads of people arrested were driven down to Yaoundé…citizens of these two regions were branded terrorists. The tears and pangs of pain released on our suffering people by the reckless massacre still endures, and the people have stomached a great dose of anger against a despicable plague called government in Yaoundé. If the Ambazonians had no concrete reason for pulling out from the contemptible union they engaged themselves with the so-called brothers, the recent genocide unleashed on them is enough reason.

To be continued

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