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Biya May Be A Swiss National




On August 22, 2016, BaretaNews reported about 1Million Francs bounty put on the head of Paul Biya for any information regarding his another nationality. Prince Ekosso , the young politician made that plea to the Cameroonian people. His arguments is directed to the Cameroon’s constitution which prohibited Cameroonians from having dual nationality. He also found out that Cameroon constitution doesn’t allow a foreign national to be the President of Cameroon. Prince Ekosso virtually stated that the actual President of Cameroon, Paul Biya possesses at least one foreign passport, making Biya a foreigner. Hence, Biya could be unqualified to preside over Cameroon.

A local Cameroonian newspaper bu October 11 in Douala also a list of all CPDM government ministers with dual nationalities. The paper confirmed a claim earlier made by international music star, Richard Bona that even though the Biya regime has placed a stone wall on the idea of dual citizenship, the 84-year-old dictator still keeps appointing people travelling on passports of other countries in his government. It is evident that if Biya Ministers own a dual nationality, he should be having it.

The attached Swiss ID Card of Biya though one cannot really write home anything about shows the level at which Cameroonians are concerned about Biya being a SWISS citizen. A local tabloid earlier indicated that almost all of Biya’s cabinet ministers have foreign nationalities. What then of Paul Biya? Prince Ekosso, young politician had earlier put a bounty of 1 Million on Biya’s head for anyone who brings forth information confirming Biya foreign nationality. However, BaretaNews think Cameroonians have all right to be suspicious about their president nationality considering the number of time he spends out of the country. In fact, Biya has been nick-named ” The Diaspora President”

However, Callistus, an analyst in UK went on to challenge the opposition as being an accomplice to Biya. He said ” Most Cameroonians have been suspicious about Biya’s nationality. Strange enough, no political party has ever brought this up. Any political party that is serious about gaining power, would cease this as an opportunity to put Biya out of power. They would do everything to know the truth about this rumour, hoping that it’s true. The failure by the opposition to dig deep into this just goes to tell how Cameroon opposition is CPDM-friendly.”

Biya has never ever declared his assets as required by the constitution. Again, the President has never ever been pressed by the opposition to declare his assets as required by the constitution. Cameroon opposition has been an accomplice to Biya’s mischievous deeds, making all of them anti-people. These politicians are selfish…Callistus concluded.



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