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Compiled by Mark  Bara, Cameroon Anglophone Youth Activist, Belgium

Preamble: Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine, Secretary General of People’s Action Party, PAP was promoted on December 18th by 5pm. Below are some of his statements against Paul Biya uptill December 17th at 1:18 pm. Recalling that on May 13th 2013, Cameroon Democratic Union (CDU) partisan, Youmou Koupit Adamou -who mustered courage to humiliate President Biya by rejecting his appointment as alternate senator. He turned down Biya’s appointment on grounds that he was not consulted. Was Ayah consulted before his appointment even one day to the publication of his last statement on facebook? Be the judge……We only hope his tongue does not change soon. We hold this truth as evidence……….

Episodes 11: December 17th, 1 18pm
Some may have doubted Ayah Paul’s assertions in the past that Camerounese parliament was a formality institution. Mr. President has now shown beyond reasonable doubt that Camerounese parliament is irrelevant. How else can be understood? Parliament is in session, voting the nation’s annual budget. At the same time, Mr. President comes up with a parralel budget (hors budget) christened “plan d’urgence”, in flagrant violation of Section 26 of the constitution! Na contradiction dis or NA inertia?
If Mr. President’s ministers have executed under 40% of the current (2014) budget, who are Mr. President’s men that will efficiently execute the public investment budget of 2015 simultaneously with the “plan d’urgence”? The true southern Cameroonians of yesterday-years?
I no de find me palava! Na ma mop talk; no be me self!
Episodes 10: December 12th, 8:25am
Mr. President has told us time without number that ours is a free economy. In a free economy, prices are fixed by market forces on the basis of offer and demand. Oil prices are five-year-low for months now worldwide. If truly we are a free economy, how does Mr. President explain that fuel prices have remained constant in Cameroun, and even in Southern Cameroons where the oil is produced in superabundance?
Only a small contradiction? Ok oh, God no de sleep! No be do me a do you!
Episodes 09: December 7th 3:09 pm
In an enlightened community, no-one does not know that the best army in the world still needs the people for a better prosecution of a conventional war. The simple turning of a signpost, for instance, can misdirect an enemy army unit fatally.
The role of the people becomes indispensable when it comes to fighting terrorism. So it is because a terrorist has no belligerent face; nor any known battlefields. Soldiers alone can never solve the equation! And in any case, is the fight against terrorism not in defence of the people generally? … That of course is a rhetorical question.
It goes without saying then that Mr. President’s anti-terrorism law is wholly contradictory. You do not fight the people in the name of fighting terrorists. If in fighting terrorists you fight the people, then of course the people are terrorists. And a terrorist too you are because you are the leader of terrorists.
And terrorist Mr. President truly is in that, by imposing the death sentence against his people-terrorists, Mr. President does terrorize the people and thereby becomes a terrorist himself. Mr. President therefore ought to hang a rope before himself, or tie himself to the stake for the firing squad.
Mr. President becomes a wanton contradiction when he terrorizes the very people that, by his oath of office, he has sworn to protect and serve. An enlightened leader should know that his main service to the people he leads is ensuring the protection of those people.
Mr. President had scores upon scores of youths killed extra-judicially in 2008 when they rose against constitutional amendment lifting term-limit to the benefit of an individual. This time around, Mr. President has secured the connivance of parliament in order to veil with perforated legal garment the killing of Camerounese/Southern Cameroonians with a view to perpetuating his reign: killing just again to the benefit of an individual!
Mr. President may wish to learn that Mr. Ian Smith could not bear for long the pangs of his “anti-terrorism” law when he fell from power. Though the law in consideration seems to render the Ian Smith realm irrelevant, Mr. President may still wish to contemplate the fate of his children, family relations and blind collaborators when temporal decrees and lethal orders will be wholly intangible in his new kingdom!
I de give my own advice on gratis at all tam!
 Episodes 8: December 2nd, 12:05pm
The rumours that Mr. President was prosecuting for absolute powers from parliament have come to pass. We now know that the robot-parliamentarians will in the days ahead, without proper debate as usual, enact a law, reviving the 1960 laws on subversion. The very Biya who told the world from mountain tops that, during his “reign”, no Camerounese needed to be a “maquisard” to express his thought is going to take refuge behind the façade of legality to execute Camerounese and, perhaps, Southern Cameroonians, who dare to dissent.
Only Mr. President’s dull advisers and fake legal minds would fail to discern the contradiction. Only they would be incapable of understanding hat, having rashly declared war against Boko Haram, those captured in the prosecution of the war must be treated as prisoners of war, subject to the special treatment reserved for such prisoners under the relevant Geneva Convention.
It all boils down to the one truth that the “terrorists” in the contemplation of Mr. Legislator” are outside the war zone. Who then are they? Your guess is as good as mine! Even more so it is as the Bill is not within reach yet.
One thing though is clear. And it is that those targeted would go underground and operate with better effect. It also means more violence – more killing – as they would understand that “you kill or be killed”!
God alone knows who fooled anyone that they are everlasting, or that the earth belongs to them. They are not even aware that the Bible says it all: God punishes to the 4th generation. Their children, dependents, family relations! There is time for everything!
No hambog me, massa! I no know Bible plenty!
Episodes 07: November 18th, 13pm
For over half a century, Mr. President’s ministers, other high-ranking appointees, and tribes-people have told Southern Cameroonians that they are Biafrans; they should go back home; they are like the occupants of the Trojan Horse – (ennemis dans la maison) – etc. All this has consistently been endorsed, if only tacitly, by Mr. President.
Mr President knows or he is presumed to know that non-nationals of a country do not fight for that country except as mercenaries. Curiously, Southern Cameroonians are fighting in the east sector and in the northern sector for Mr. President – (Cameroun). Are they fighting as mercenaries? As naturalized Camerounese? For God/allah?
No be palava. Na daso question! … All for God!
Episodes 06: November 7th, 14:00pm
Mr. President snatches the remains of his other-in-law, someone else’s deceased wife, and gives her an undeclared state burial in the yard of his personal property. All offices are closed in an undeclared and therefore an illegal public holiday to enable his ministers and their subordinates to display their ostentatious loyalty to the royalty. “C”est l’état qui paie!”
Mr. President turns round and teaches the world that the remains of the first president of Cameroun – that very person who sat Mr. President on an elective “throne” without an election as dictated by legality, legitimacy and even common sense – that such remains are the exclusive business of the family of Mr. President’s illustrious deceased predecessor!
Could someone tell us what name to give to such zigzag/disrupted logicality!
No be bad talk dis, a beg you, sir!
Episodes 05: November 4th, 16:05pm
Mr. Biya once told the world that Cameroun is a “démocratie avancée”. Someone may wish to tell Mr. President that, even in rudimentary democracies, the people choose their leaders, including the head of state. The elected depend on the people and not the other way round. Which is most logical: the people are permanent; the elected come and go.
In Mr. Biya’s “démocratie avancée”, the people elect their local councilors headed by mayors. But Mr. Biya appoints government delegates who lord it over the elected councilors/mayors. To put it otherwise, the people tell Mr. Biya: “These are our elected leaders”. Mr. Biya tells the people: “These are the leaders I have appointed for you. Taisez-vous! Votre Président parle! I have decided that…” Dead silence!
A truly “advanced democracy”! Véritablement!
Episodes 04: October 31st, 10:13am
Mr. Biya has ignored with contempt the international community and even international justice in their calls and injunctions to dialogue with Southern Cameroonian leaders. Some of Mr. Biya’s lieutenants have purported to justify their leader’s disdain for the peaceful option on the ground that the leader Southern Cameroonian caucus – SCNC – is an illegal body.
SCNC is almost obsessed with the pursuit of the peaceful and legal option. Pirates and Boko Haram by contrast are ruthless in pursuing their goal, practising scorched earth plundering and murdering. Now that Mr. President negotiates with them and pays handsome ransoms, can Mr. President’s lieutenants tell the world if these groups are legal bodies?
Na daso contradiction or na proper lesson for Southern Cameroonians?
Episodes 03: October 30th, 12:00pm
Most Camerounese tenaciously hold the pernicious tenet that a federation works against national unity. Even as palpable examples in the world should exorcise them, they still do persist in their misconception, taking refuge in decentralization as the panacea.
Unfortunately, decentralization in Cameroun did fail ever before the experiment had begun. Cameroun has never been as acutely centralized as it is today due to the creation of the Ministry of Public Contracts. Aside from conspicuous inertia in that department, (most workers of the ministry can be tagged as gorgeous mediocrities), councils are today virtually irrelevant as they cannot award contracts for the minutest projects. Clearly, councils were far more autonomous and performed better when there was no formal decentralization than they do nowadays.
The politest way one can put it is that Mr. President has contradicted himself by preaching decentralization and accentuating centralization simultaneously. A very huge contradiction!
Episodes 02: October 27th, 09:53 am
Papers have reported today that SELEKA rebels of Central African Republic have abducted 9 Camerounese. They ended up taking away five as hostages. SELEKA have kidnapped Camerounese in the Grand Nord many times before. At that time, the hostages had been released against ransoms paid by the victims’ family relations.
SELEK have now become Mr. President’s devoted “meilleurs eleves”. Their president-teacher’s lessons have been faithfully imbibed: Mr. President pays higher ransoms. Needless treating with private persons for meager amounts that do not adequately sustain ravaging wars! And the more you kidnap, the more you are provided; and the better able you are to fight! Very uncomplicated! So attractive the bait! Lavishing the very enemy Mr. President vows to crush in tutored verbal dexterity!
That’s why we must praise Southern Cameroonians to the skies for their unblemished dedication to peace. They still hold firmly to “the force of argument and not the argument of force”. Even when Mr. President provokes them to the extreme: arrogantly refusing to dialogue with them while negotiating with ruthless murderers – tainted with crimes against humanity – and arming them to destroy his fatherland! All this in the face of the portion of deciderata that “…as much as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons;, and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant. They too have their story…”
This may not amount to contradiction in the eyes of the many labouring under cerebral numbness. And so many such patients there are in contemporary Cameroun. The truth though is that it is a palpable contradiction for the ordinary! Just one more! Out of several!
For those crusading for adulterated “Nobel Price Peace Prize” drenched in corruption for their leader, they may wish to admit that Southern Cameroonians are more meritorious. That’s it! No apology!
C u soon!
Episodes 01: October 16th, 8:00am

The national and international press as the internet is awash with publications that the Biya government paid a ransom and gave arms and ammunition to Boko Haram for the recent release of 27 hostages. It would be recalled that Boko Haram has wrecked havoc in Nigeria far much more and much longer in Nigeria than in Cameroun. Nigeria has neither declared war against them nor paid any ransom to the best of our knowledge, belief and information. Not even for the release of over 200 girls!
But Mr. Biya precipitously declared war against Boko Haram on foreign land from foreign land. To the best of our knowledge, information and/or belief, Mr. Biya has paid ransoms at least three times already; and is likely and liable to pay many more times. This time around he has allegedly additionally supplied arms and ammunition, and exchanged “prisoners”.
Mr. Biya must be a hopeless contradiction in his declaration that he will eradicate the very Boko Haram that he has been financing and arming; and will so be doing in his war against the group in the future.

Could some knowledgeable Camerounese christen such ambivalent conduct the politics of contradiction, please?

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