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When Biya Awards Criminals And Murderers










Atanga Nji & Nalova Lyonga; La Republique’s insults to December 8, 2016 Bamenda Victims and the Molested UB Students

If there are persons, the colonial master, Paul Biya should have held responsible and even arrest them for the escalation of things in his milky colony of Ambazonia, then Paul Atanga Nji and Pauline Nalova Lyonga, should have been among such persons and even languishing in one of his gulags by now. Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for Ambazonia, he is doomed to continue to take measures that completely demonstrates insanity and psychological instability in his state of mind, especially in an attempt to contain the Ambazonia revolution. If not, what is Paul Atanga Nji and the retired Associate Professor of Letters, Nalova Lyonga, doing in a supposed government of appeasement, as some diaper wearing praise singers have called it?

Dr. Nalova Lyonga, remains a devil incarnate in the subconscious of most staff and students of the University of Buea, who were victims of the November, 2016 students unrest at that university. Being a scholar of Letters, who politically found her way to the position of Vice Chancellor, Dr. Nalova’s only knowledge of the first measure in the management of a sudden crises on campus, is to call the colonial gendarmerie and police. This had always been her own first measure of containing a student crises as a University administrator. Whichever school of administration taught her this, is what we are still to ascertain.

And so, when rampaging colonial forces invaded the Campus of the University of Buea at the basic stage of the Southern Cameroons revolution, they were all acting under her instructions, in collusion with the colonial governor, Okalia Bilai. Today, many students, both males and females are with everlasting torture marks on their buttocks and other parts of their bodies, reminding them of a certain Nalova Lyonga, who was once Vice Chancellor during their time at the university of Buea. Girls who were raped in their rooms and others made to swim in stinking leaking water emanating from septic tanks in hostels, have not been able to gain the necessary courage and psychological stamina to return to the university community.

With all these atrocities, Madam Nalova Lyonga, vehemently refused to apologize to her staff and students, describing them as people acting under the political manipulation of misguided individuals. That’s why the university campus could only regain some steam after her shameful retirement and exit as Vice Chancellor.

However, the deed had already been done. The molestation of staff students had escalated the crisis to a different dimension, and thank God, the revolution is where it is today. This is the Nalova Lyonga, who deserves to be Minister of Secondary Education in the colonial government of LRC. A reward for an evil job well done.

Paul Atanga Nji, a colonial errand boy, who uncontrollably runs his mouth, before ever caring to think and assess what he says, is responsible for the dark events of December 8, 2016 in Bamenda. The forced unity rally that saw the gruesome execution of young Ambazonians, including Akum Julius, a student of the university of Bamenda.

As an uneducated privilege slave, who knows nothing about the people and history Southern Cameroons, Paul Atanga Nji went on state propaganda tv and ranted that Southern Cameroonians had no problem within their enslaved confines under La Republique du Cameron (LRC). He went further to boast that the common law has no place in the Cameroons.

To further put his provocative mockery and utterances to action, Paul Atanga, the ex-criminal convict, in collaboration with another privilege slave Yang Philemon, decided to organize what they called a unity rally in the restive Bamenda. The reaction of the population, led to the extra judicial execution of at least six innocent civilians. Atanga, who had since then become an enemy to his own people, has not stopped his anti people rantings, as he increasingly commits himself to their enslavement. This is the Atanga Nji, who deserves to be colonialist Biya’s Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization in an “appeasement government.” A reward for an evil job well executed.

Atanga’s reaction to his appointment is not strange to any Ambazonians, not to talk of the colonial agent who appointed him. He is an incarnation of political sycophancy and slavery, and he is very happy doing it. After all, that’s the only thing he must do to save his head from becoming one of the use and dumb scapegoats of his octogenarian slave master.

These two political appointments by the colonial regime, could be described as a very big insult and mockery to the sensibilities of Southern Cameroonians, and the blood of all those who have paid the ultimate price for this revolution. That, the very antirevolutionary agents, who came out violently to stand against their own people, are being rewarded with what looks like some of the basic causes of the fight for justice the people engaged in, is an insult of the highest order.

Nevertheless, the move is a booster to the revolution. It shows that it can only take a revolutionary Ambazonian people of the 21st century, full of political sagacity, determination and tenacity, to push the colonial Yaounde regime to appoint some of its slaves into two key ministerial portfolios for the first time in 56 years of political slavery. This should sent a message to the revolutionary independence movement that, Ambazonia is within reach and there can never be a better time to reach Ambazonia than now.

It is crystal clear that the colonial regime and its oligarchs are destined for doom. All polito-economic and social indicators point to this fact. The regime cannot be rescued at this juncture. It is so arrogant and full of itself, to an extent that it has refused to take even common sense advice based on the happenings around it. All it actions ever since the outbreak of this revolution have either been a provocation of the Ambazonian people or an act of confusion. It is in the mist of such provocations and confused actions of theirs that Ambazonia shall soon emerge.

The colonial master may be holding the clock, but Ambazonia has the time. Let’s see what happens in the weeks and months ahead.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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