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Bishops Cry Out To Biya: Stop The Bloodbath, Genocide In Ambazonia








Bishops across the Cameroons, have once again issued a sterling memo to the president of La Republique u Cameroun (LRC), Paul Biya, urging him to “stop the bloodbath and genocide ongoing in Ambazonia.”

In a one-paged document dated May 16 2018, and signed by Mgr. Samuel Kleda, the President of the National Episcopal Conference, the bishops say Paul Biya’s hard-headedness in seeking for a holistic way to end the already restive crisis, has left uncountable number of people dead.

“…In fact, since October 2016, the North-West and South-West Regions have been passing through difficulties, marked by inhuman, blind, monstrous violence and a radicalisation of positions which leaves us worried. Let us put an end to all forms of violence and stop killing one another,” the letter read in part.

The bishops craved for an inclusive and pacific dialogue to end the crisis, especially now that things can be fixed.

“We are all brothers and sisters; Let us retrace the path of dialogue, reconciliation, justice and peace. We, the Bishops of Cameroon, think that mediation is more urgent in order to come out of the crisis. Please, spare our country, Cameroon, from a useless and senseless civil war,” the letter continued.

This letter comes amidst several others written by Men of God, calling on a ceasefire to the crisis.

On October 4 2017, some six Bishops from Ambazonia, wrote a thunderous letter to Biya. The seven-page document titled: Declaration of the Bishops of the Bamenda Provincial Episcopal Conference (BAPEC) following the massive demonstrations and the curfew imposed on Ambazonia,” warned Biya on an imminent escalation of the crisis, should a permanent solution is not sought.

The memo, signed by the BAPEC Bishops viz: Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua, Mgrs. Immanuel Bushu, George Nkuo, Andrew Nkea, Agapitus Nfon and Michael Bibi, is dated October 4.

According to the Prelates, Anglophones went through a torrid period from September 22 to October 2.

“From Bota in Fako to Ako in Donga Mantung, from Bakassi in Ndian to Menji in Lebialem, families are weeping for their children… Since September 29, there have been various forms of violence and atrocities that have bedevilled most towns and villages of the Northwest and Southwest Regions… The groans from the dying and shrieks of the wounded make our hearts bleed from pain.

The sighs of those who have lost property through looting or arson, the pain of anxiety inflicted on families and friends of those abducted or missing, the trauma caused on the young and the old by the fright from the warlike atmosphere in particular have left another heap of painful memories in our minds and hearts.

We want, in the first place, to express our profound grief and sympathies to those families who in the recent crisis have lost their dear ones, we express our solidarity with those who have sustained injuries and those suffering in any way, those arrested and incarcerated, and the families that have been separated from their loved ones or displaced. May the crucified Lord, with whom they are now hanging on the cross, be their consolation,” they wrote.

Bernadette Nkembi,

Roving-Reporter, BaretaNews


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