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Bill Sleeps As Hillary Speaks



The Republican and Democratic conventions both rounded up during the course of the last two weeks. Watching both conventions, one could see the clear difference between both conventions. An outsider in the person of Donald Trump seen as the hard guy and change agent with an establishment woman seen as the continuation of the status quo in Washington. Supporters of both camps are so passionate about their candidates. We have seen fluctuating polls with Hillary and Trump at the top. It is hard to give a true picture who could really take home victory come November 8th, 2016. The battle will rest on battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida etc.

However, the internet has been fusing with the Husband of Hillary Clinton caught sleeping during his wife acceptance speech on Thursday 28th July 2016. As Hillary Clinton was busy delivering her policies during her acceptance speech, former president Bill appeared to get some shut-eye during the final night of the Democratic National Convention. As the crowd thunderously applauded the first female candidate of a major political party in the USA, the excitement appeared to have taken a different look on husband Bill, who was seated in the audience next to Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine.

As the topic turned to tackling Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), the former US president seemed to nod off – perhaps already dreaming of a return to the White House. The apparently exhausted president also appeared dumbfounded about an awkward Kaine fidgeting next to him, who at one point seemed to be trying to block the convention cameras’ view of the napping ex-president.

Donald Trump the Republican Nominee did not fail to take this to social media with over a thousand and million views.

Let the politics continue

God is still saying something.

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