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Cities of Douala, Victoria in the Cameroons Hit by Flash Floods










Local media outlets are reporting that floods have hit the economic capital of Cameroun-Douala and some parts of the ocean city of Victoria on Tuesday was also struck by rising waters after heavy downpours.

Heavy rains in Douala, followed by landslides have left many stranded. As streets have been completely submerged under floodwater which has risen to knee-level as city dwellers attempt passing through to safer grounds.

In a Twitter post by the investigative journalist for Equinoxe, Mimi Mefo, she wrote ”Limbe still counting the loss. Over a dozen reportedly buried in mudslide Tuesday. Search still ongoing”. As victims of the flood continue to take stock of the damages caused since the water receded, there hasn’t been any official confirmation about any loss of lives but sources which has not been independently verified by BaretaNews puts the death toll at 10 so far.

Across Africa and in most parts of the developing world, floods have continued to wreak enormous damages where the heavy rains, poor urban development, drainage systems have often resulted in the destruction of properties and the loss of lives.

The city of Abidjan, Ivory Coast has been the most recent case of a flash flood on the African continent, where the government had to evacuate some 200 families to safety. Emergency relief efforts in case of such natural disasters are nearly nonexistent.











Neba Benson,

BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst

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