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Ayah’s World: One Reaction, Two Different Responses



Ayah Goes Ballistic, Dish Off Political Correctness

Paul Ayah’s decision to accept the promotion from Paul Biya as Advocate General of the supreme court is yet from over. Paul Ayah in a Facebook post a few days ago tried to explain his decision to the Cameroons people. His explanation received completely mixed reactions in equal degree. Why some think he betrayed their trust and confidence, others hail him for doing what he did.

Dr. Tikum Mbah Azonga, one time CRTV journalist and currently a University lecturer react to Ayah’s explanations. He wrote

“…Why do you bother about what people say about your accepting the job of Supreme Court Judge? People will always say things and most of what they say about others will usually be negative. That is a human character which you cannot change.If you look carefully, you will find that when Jesus was departing from the Earth, there were more people “not with him” than those who were “with him”. Perhaps even today, the statistics have not changed.

In my view, you did what was right by accepting that position because no one else in this country has the unique experience and expertise which you have brought to the position. No two individuals are the same. Each of us has a different set of talents. The nation should be able to benefit from yours.

The error most of us make is that we focus on Paul Biya instead of focusing on Cameroon and preparing for the future. Paul Biya will not be in power forever. No one has been, even the greatest of world leaders. As Solomon Tandeng Muna once said, “people come and go, but the nation remains.” As long as you believe that the decision you have taken is right, then what the rest of the world thinks is immaterial…” Tikum concluded.


Callistus Funjong, Political analyst based in the UK chastised Ayah. He wrote:


“…Ayah has chosen some weak cases against him to talk about. The truth is, we all know what Ayah’s position and situation were before his appointment. We all knew what Ayah stood for before his appointment to the Supreme Court. Ayah was about to lead SCNC. And as angry, disgruntled, influential, courageous and frustrated as Ayah was at the time, coupled with his undisputed legal knowledgeable, Ayah stood as the most credible politician and the greatest threat to Biya. His appointment was a calculated move by Biya to neutralize or weaken Ayah. Ayah’s surprise acceptance took away the trust Cameroonians had on Ayah. Biya got him cheap.

Ayah himself acknowledged that he accepted the job offer due to financial difficulties. Read Ayah’s explanation on why he accepted the job.The latest declaration of Ayah in trying to get back into active politics has a financial connotation. He has not been having his full salary as expected. So, Pa di vex. That’s why he is contemplating to come back.

Justice Ayah, I think it’s too late for you. Biya has succeeded in destroying your political ambition.
As a lawyer, you are free to head a political party. As a judge, I don’t think you are allowed to head a political party even though you could belong to a party. The only way to head a party is if you resign as a judge. If you are a judge and a political party leader at the same time, there is a serious conflict of interest here.

It would be more acceptable for Ayah to just stay where he is and get whatever salary Biya gives him than to attempt again to return to active politics. It’s too late. Biya has the last laugh. Ashia Pa Ayah. We told you. You insulted us and now you are weeping…” Callistus concluded.

BaretaNews thinks that the opinions on both sides are worth not throwing away. The fight for a change in the Cameroons is bigger than any individual. It is our wish for us to galvanized our strength and remaining energy to oust Biya out.

God is still saying something.

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