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Because We Are “Anglophones”: The Beti/Bulu Massacre










The stern look on the cover page doesnt need any introduction, it speaks for itself. ELIE SMITH has taken the front line online, on TV and possibly on the print press for a long time now. On TV, he has not hidden his feelings about the way LRC has handled the Anglophone crises nor has he relented in airing his disgust for a single second about the killing of innocent civilians in cold blood. ELIE SMITH has actually hijacked the crisis, writing extensively and reporting different aspects of the struggle. I am quite surprised that he has not been abducted by the colonial force as of darkness.

What we are witnessing today is actually a remake of history. Whether you like it or not, History has an uncanny way of repeating itself, yes, history always repeats itself. The killing of Anglophones falls within a grand plan of ethnic cleansing that has been masterminded by the neocolonial regimes of AHIDJO/BIYA with the anointing of the French Colonial masters. The ploy here is to eliminate the bad elements that want to prevent the colonial masters from continuing to drain the peoples resources. If these bad eggs are flushed out, the colonial masters and the colonial backed regime can take a back seat and drown their greed in the natural resources while the huge majority basks in misery and lack. The same logic hold true in other SHIT HOLE Republics. In Gabon for example, the French colonial masters have confiscated 95% of the petroleum reserves while the BONGO dynasty have 3% of the left over and the entire Gabonese have 2%. (Source: AFRIQUE MEDIA TV). The end game is to institute and retain puppet regimes that do not serve the interests of the masses but serve the interests of the colonial masters in exchange of getting their backing in power. When the colonial masters loot whatever resources they can, the left over is looted by the regime and the masses drown in poverty while the same colonial masters turn a blind eye to the atrocities that these colonial regimes mete on the masses. If the interests of these colonial masters are not met, they will be the first to cry foul, organize a coup and impose another puppet regime that will serve the formers interests.

KEMI/KEMITA ASHU called it a BETI/BULU colonially organized GENOCIDE. Yes, it is indeed genocide of the Anglophone people. The world went wild when BEN MUNA sued the Yaoundé regime for genocide and the Francophones rose up to say that it was an exaggerated expression but what do we have today? Innocent civilians have been tortured and slaughtered en mass; houses have been burned, including schools, markets and even churches and some people have been burned alive in their homes. How many Francophones have been killed even by accident since the struggle began?


This genocide occurred between years 1950-1970 in the wake of the UPC Nationalism. General PIERRE SEMENGUE who ranked as the highest military officer at the time masterminded this macabre plan. Like with the Anglophone struggle, TERRORISM mode was activated and Martial Law reigned supreme. Judicial procedures were suspended and people lost their Constitutional Rights. The Colonial backed regime exported FEAR and TERROR across the National territory. People were afraid to move or go to their farms even in broad day light. By 6pm, no one dared to leave the house and those who were not at home at that time remained where they were and spent the nights till the break of dawn. With the scarcity of print media, the Nationalists used the Peace plant and other plants as a warning to post on the doors of those who defied their orders as opposed to tracts/internet messages that are used by Ambazonians.

Entire villages were raised to the ground by Ahidjo and the French backed forces through helicopter gunships and ground forces like we had on October 1 2017 where helicopters were used to execute Anglophones, attacking even churches like it happened in KUMBO and other places. Many people were beheaded by these Colonial forces and their heads were staked and paraded on the streets like trophies in the fight against the UPC Nationalists who were brandished as terrorists. From the SANAGA MARITIME to the BAMBOUTOS PLATEAU, human blood flowed like rivers in many parts of EDEA, EKITE, MUANKO, DIZANGUE, MARIEMBERG right up to OTELE towards Yaoundé. From the BAMBOUTOS plateau to the KUPE MUANENGUBA highlands WEST of the MUNGO, the case was not different. Many became refugees in their own country as their homes were destroyed and they fled for their lives, living in the forests, in caves and close to waterfalls like we have in the Anglophone crisis today. Secret service men went in plain clothes and abducted and silently executed those who dared mention the word UPC which was tabooed across the National territory. Many fled the ruthless repression and sought refuge in LIMBE, giving rise to what is now known as the BAMILEKE/BASSA/MBO ANGLOPHONES. Its through this sinister scheme that a Post Office Clerk and First School holder (AHIDJO) became President of Cameroon. Perhaps, the only difference being that even though he had just a FSLC, he never forged his way to a Doctorate like EKEMA PATRICK.

ELIE SMITH mentions an estimated 300,000 deaths within that period and this is where I differ with him. FRANCOIS HOLLANDE acknowledged the atrocities that were meted on the masses and promised to declassify the archives regarding that era, which was done in a bid to shed more light on that Dark Age and established responsibilities. An estimated TWO MILLION CAMEROONIANS (2,000,000) were either executed or disappeared without a trace during that era. What was the population at that time if the count is 25 million now? Means half of the population was decimated them. Even those who fled to the Diaspora were hunted down and executed through international conspiracies. Several priests who challenged the brutality and restlessness of the regime were abducted and silently liquidated. Bishop NDONGMO was arrested and tried in a kangaroo court, charged with TREASON and sentenced to death. If not of the Vatican intervention he would have been executed.

Many families never had the chance to bury their dead, whose corpses had been disposed of in mass graves by government agents. The Yaoundé regime today turns around and calls them MATYRS when they were called TERRORISTS yesterday.

BETI/BULU masterminded NORDIST MASSACRE (1984)

After the failed Coup of 6th April 1984, the Colonial backed regime once again activated REPRESSION mode. Since the Republican Guard that was created by Ahidjo was predominantly Nordist, the Nordists were targeted. Hundreds of them in Government and in the army were rounded up, regardless of whether they had anything to do with the Coup or not. Many were detained indefinitely, some for as long as 7 years without charge. Some who were lucky fled for their lives to neighboring countries even by bicycle as its described in satire. Those who criticize the Regime were also included in the coup and illegally detained. Some lost their jobs while others lost their appointments just because they came from the NORTH. JEAN FOCHIVE of CENER and GENERAL SEMENGUE masterminded these operations and people were abducted from their homes and whisked off to unknown destinations and there were never found till date.

Once again, the reign of TERROR was exported across the National Territory and people were afraid to move, to speak or to air their views.

Kangaroo courts were set up to try the Coup culprits and the Government talks of 250 people including ISA ADOUM who were executed by firing squad and their bodies were disposed of in mass graves. Independent reports however talk of an estimated 1,500 Nordists who were executed extra judicially after the Coup détat by the Colonial backed Regime and their bodies were disposed of in mass graves in MBALMAYO and NSIMALEN neighborhoods.


During the war against BOKO HARAM, the BIR perpetrated even more atrocities on the Nordist population then the BOKO HARAM rebels. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL and other Human Rights groups openly accused LRC army of perpetrating atrocities against civilians. Many homes were broken into and people were abducted at night while many others were severely tortured to admit to crimes they did not commit. People lost all Constitutional Rights just because they were Nordists or because they happened to be resident where the action is taking place. BOKO HARAM was used to tag political rivals and enemies of the Colonial regime and it lead to many people being illegally detained, without trial for as long as (03) three years.

Spin doctors went into action, accusing International Organizations of destabilizing the country. Destabilization has become the CHEAP DEFENSE that Colonial regimes are using to hang on to power, violate human rights and get away with their crimes. KABILA son wants to remain in power against all odds, he uses the Army to kill innocent civilians and when the International Community cries out, he talks of destabilization, same with OBIANG NGUEMA, EYADEMA and other thieving gerontocracies in SHIT HOLE Republics.

Entire Nordist villages in KOLOFATA, AMCHIDE, ASHIGASHIA and others were raised to the ground by the BIR. The strategy here is that when BOKO HARAM attacks and kills LRC ARMY, the army vents their frustration on the locals, accusing them of harboring terrorists and the army now moves forward to burn their villages so that the population will run for their dear lives and no one will be left in the village in question. The Government will then claim that the zone has been secured as only the army resides in the village from then on. As the people abandon their villages and run for their dear lives, the army stays behind and breaks into homes to loot any valuable property they can find before sitting the place ablaze then they turn around to accuse BOKO HARAM.

Many suspects were executed extra judicially and buried in mass graves without any trial whatsoever, when they were supposed to be treated as PRISONERS OF WAR according to International Law. Official reports talk of an estimated 2,000 deaths in the war against BOKO HARAM, a figure that is highly contested by independent organs.

Once again, thousands of people who fled these atrocities became refugees in neighboring countries like Nigeria and Chad, the worst of these victims being women and children below 2 years of age. After these State-sponsored atrocities, the Government now turns around to rehabilitate ex BOKO HARAM fighters, granting them vast areas of land, promising them jobs and building them houses for free.


I cant remember a documented date for this. What I remember is that every time there is the least demonstration WEST of the MUNGO, Anglophone blood must flow. People have demonstrated everywhere;

Pensioners in front of MINFI,

Employees of defunct State Corporations in front of the Prime Ministry,

Integrated Teachers who have gone without pay for 6 years in front of Public Service,

Dockers at the Douala Port to name a few

How many were abducted, arrested, shot and killed in cold blood?

The first person to launch a political party in the 1990s was YONDO BLACK in Douala, how many people were arrested and how many were killed? When FRU NDI did same in Bamenda, 6 people were killed in cold blood the same day, many were permanently incapacitated through bullets wounds, grenades and teargas canisters and hundreds were abducted and detained.

State Universities go on strike often but when UB goes on strike, students are shot and killed in cold blood, others are abducted and halls of residence are broken into, some are allegedly raped while others are forced to drink /drench into sewage from latrines.

In replica of the above stories, Anglophones are now having their share of history as they have been brandished as terrorists and tagged for extinction, so that the colonizer can confiscate all that belongs to them, when they would have all been killed, we have been tagged as terrorists because we are fighting for our rights. The people of BAFIA, MUNYENGE, EKATA, LIKOKO, and MILE 14 had their fair share as the army broke into their homes and store houses and looted all valuables they could lay hands on. Many items like smart phones, DVD players, plasma TVs, money and jewelry were confiscated by the BIR in the so called search/fight against terrorists.

Needless recounting how helicopter gunships were used to kill Anglophones on October 1, nor should we recount how corpses were disposed of in mass graves in MILE 16, in MAMFE and in other localities. The breaking into homes and abduction of Anglophones at midnight is no news to anyone, even cripples and octogenarians were not spared, we saw images of old people being brutalized with blood oozing out of their wounds. The rise of REPRESSION and the reign of TERROR has been exported across the Anglophone zone as heavy weapons have been paraded through our streets in a military show of force. Fear has reached fever peak as all Constitutional Rights, including the right to communicate have been lost by the Anglophones. (93 day internet shut down) those back home are afraid of airing their views for fear of being abducted and whisked off to unknown destinations without the knowledge of their families by colonial forces of darkness. People have been detained illegally under the obnoxious Anti-terrorism Law for more than a year now without charge. Only we of the Diaspora who are far removed from the reign of terror can air our views without fear of being sidelined or picked up or even killed by the Colonial regime. Perhaps that is what gives Yaoundé the illusion that only 5% Anglophones want Independence.

We cannot over emphasize the atrocities that were committed in KEMBONG,MBONGE and in KWAKWA localities where the BIR openly burned houses in these localities and they turned around to accuse Ambazonians for it. What’s actually happening is that LRC is using Ambazonias weapons against the Ambazonians.

After any Ambazonia attack, the BIR move in, they kill civilians, they loot then burn down everything, thereby forcing the entire population out of the villages. The BIR then turns around and blames the Ambazonians for the arson. When the population has fled, the BIR now monopolizes the land and report that the zone has been secured. The next day, bags of rice, sugar, salt, garri and wooden benches are brandished to the population like we saw in BAMENDA, AKWAYA, MAMFE and other places, inviting the population that is seeking refuge in neighbouring towns and in neighbouring towns to return home, because the few terrorists who were disturbing the peace have been eliminated, zone is now secured and everything can return to normal like nothing ever happened. (Carrot and stick conflict resolution)

The logic here is that less that 5% of the population want secession so if they are killed, everything will return to normal. The villagers are accused of harboring these extremists and if they dont denounce them to the Government, their villages will be burned down. In this regard, many people have used the crisis to settle personal scores, to knock off political enemies, while the Regime itself has used the crisis to suit its selfish ends.

like NDONGMO, cardinal TUMI and other Anglophone bishops who have vehemently criticized the regime were charged to court like common criminals in the infamous EKEMA PATRICK/ACHU JULIUS lawsuit as history must repeat itself. And many bishops and clergy who have criticized the regime have been silently executed by the colonial forces of darkness.

The internet has not been shut down for a single day in the Far North for 4 years now because of BOKO HARAM., regardless of the fact that the latter use the internet to spread their propaganda videos. It has been reported severally that most of the bombs used there were detonated by remote control that was lodged on a mobile network yet the internet has never been shut down. In the Anglophone zone, we retain the worlds longest record of INTERNET BLACK out in the history of humanity. Anglophones who talked of FEDERATION were picked up and tried for terrorism but Francophones could talk about it freely without raising a wink. LRC claims one and indivisibility yet no official statement has been issued about the existence/plight of Anglophone refugees in Nigeria. Not even RENE SADI who has made several trips there, with the extradition of SISIKU and co being his only agenda. A smart politician would have made a stopover even to greet these people and acknowledge their plight but like every other yam head, SADI and the Yaoundé Regime are simply confirming to us that we belong to a different country which is AMBAZONIA.

Perhaps HISTORY alone will give us the exact number of Anglophones who have been executed by the colonial regime during this crisis, those who have simply disappeared, those who were burned alive in their homes and the property that has been destroyed so far.

Why are we suffering from these atrocities?

because we are Anglophones!

Ambe Emmanuel

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