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The mobile money vendor of Kumbo was not lucky

However John was. The sordid experience of military brutality

If there was any doubts about the existence of God, John’s survival changed it. The reconstitution or surgical reconstruction of his mangled jaw, is testimony that, that country or region has professional medical practitioners. John, is not his real name. He had FCFA 300,000, given to him to by his father to go and pay the school fees of his younger brother.

Unfortunately, he was intercepted by Cameroonian security forces and the money taken from him, under the fallacious claims that, the money was destined to armed Anglophone nationalists, generically referred to as Amba boys. One of the soldiers, who has just stolen his money, yes, it was theft with a gun, decreed that, he was to die.

He gathered the last energy left, but he was not more afraid. For any person who has come close to death or has had the muzzle of a gun placed on his or her temple or directed at him or her, know that, when you know you are about to be killed, you are no longer yourself.

Pain and fear escapes you for a short while. You are lost. Your spirit or live leaves you. For How long, I can’t tell. Fear grips you, when your assassin fails to pull the trigger above a minute. But the young man knelt down and begged and asked the angry soldiers to allow him to pray before he could be executed. As he was on his knees, he was short at close range.

A section of his jaw destroyed. Meticulously, he didn’t die. The young man whose name I won’t share, is alive.

Several young men are summarily executed every day in the South West and North West regions after they have been extorted by Cameroonian security forces.

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