The mobile money vendor of Kumbo was not lucky

However John was. The sordid experience of military brutality

If there was any doubts about the existence of God, John’s survival changed it. The reconstitution or surgical reconstruction of his mangled jaw, is testimony that, that country or region has professional medical practitioners. John, is not his real name. He had FCFA 300,000, given to him to by his father to go and pay the school fees of his younger brother.

Unfortunately, he was intercepted by Cameroonian security forces and the money taken from him, under the fallacious claims that, the money was destined to armed Anglophone nationalists, generically referred to as Amba boys. One of the soldiers, who has just stolen his money, yes, it was theft with a gun, decreed that, he was to die.

He gathered the last energy left, but he was not more afraid. For any person who has come close to death or has had the muzzle of a gun placed on his or her temple or directed at him or her, know that, when you know you are about to be killed, you are no longer yourself.

Pain and fear escapes you for a short while. You are lost. Your spirit or live leaves you. For How long, I can’t tell. Fear grips you, when your assassin fails to pull the trigger above a minute. But the young man knelt down and begged and asked the angry soldiers to allow him to pray before he could be executed. As he was on his knees, he was short at close range.

A section of his jaw destroyed. Meticulously, he didn’t die. The young man whose name I won’t share, is alive.

Several young men are summarily executed every day in the South West and North West regions after they have been extorted by Cameroonian security forces.



  1. Bonnie

    March 24, 2019 at 9:05 PM

    True testimony from a vulnerable southern Cameroonian being treated without dignity from the french Cameroon military,all those southern Cameroonians who are sidelining,in denial with the brutalities of their people in the hands of biya in on a daily basis are as evil as the regime,those asking for federation, decentralisation are weak uncaring demons who are NOT Patriotic Ambazonians but traitors and francophones living in the English regions,total seperation by independence is the only option in this biya’s war of genocide,the monster hates all Ambazonians because they are a threat to his free bread and butter, which are free Ambazonian resources which is being used for embezzlement for 59 years by the regime, his friends and family, the army to subjugate,kill, intimidate,silence and put fear on the people to give up their rich culture, heritage, Ambazonians have risen to fall no more!they will fund,fight for as long as it takes to take back control of their lives and restore their stolen 1961 independence from french Cameroon

  2. NEN

    March 24, 2019 at 11:26 PM

    are these the people the very Elie Smith goes around preaching that we should continue living with? God forbid!

  3. Mukong

    March 25, 2019 at 4:31 PM

    Mans inhumanity to man is real. At first it was slavery and now this. What makes this abundantly tragic and unbelievable are the stone cold enablers from Southern Cameroon who see nothing wrong with this type of criminality from LRC and are shamelessly collecting blood monies from the criminal Etoudi junta headed by the french slave called Biya.

  4. sunshine

    March 25, 2019 at 7:02 PM

    They that seek to annihilate Ambazonia shall go down the sewage drain of history (beya the french cameroun despot and his crime syndicate)

    Who declared the war on Ambazonia? beya of french cameroun state declared war.
    What did Ambazonians do to the despot beya? they only Asked peacefully for justice in discharging state affairs.
    What was beya’s response? Kill off Ambazonians for peacefully asking that justice be applied in french cameroun state affairs.
    Today Ambazonians are defending themselves and must, before beya kills them off.
    Results: beya the despot will soon turn his weapons of war on himself because he is an arrogant lunatic. french cameroun shall become divisible to beya’s chagrin and finally go down the sewage drain of history. The world is watching with shame and dismay!!!!

  5. Pess

    March 25, 2019 at 7:06 PM

    I find it hard to believe that our people on GZ don’t take enough precautionary actions to save their lives from these LRC terrorists. A parent giving a sum of money to his child(a young man) to go out there in Ambaland presently under occupation, to pay for tuition…. this is not any smart decision nor action.

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