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Anglophone Own Red Cross, The AAYAH Foundation: Why We All Must Support







Renown US-Based Ambazonian – Sisiku Christmas EBINI – Calls for Support of the AAYAH Foundation.

He writes:

This interview is very very great in and of itself. The man being interviewed has a place in our history, the history of our revolution in his own right. I call him a friend, a brother and a comrade. Yes he is the one, while other southern Cameroons vampires of the CPDM vampire club of la republique were going to church dressed in their vampire, blood sucking CPDM terrorists uniform to pray for Paul Biya to remain president for life, he, Hon Paul Ayah Abine, himself then a member of the vampire club being a cpdm parliamentarian, refused to partake in the blood that the John Begheni Ndeh, Atanga Nji Paul, the Ngolle Ngolle Elvis and co were fisting in to prepare their master for the slaughter and plans of the genocide he and they are currently carrying against the innocent and peaceful people of Southern Cameroons. Yes Hon Paul Ayah Abine may have found himself in the midst of vampires unbeknownst to him what he was getting into. However he had a conscience and a genuine feeling for the wellbeing of his people and got out when he realized how demonic that vampire club called the CPDM really is. For that Hon Paul Ayah Abine I thank you. We thank you.

In this interview, Hon Paul Ayah Abine is evolving and certainly has evolved and he should be very much at peace now with his people of Southern Cameroons now, for good or for bad. Before Hon Paul Ayah Abine was abducted and kept for more than 8 months, he and i had a serious disagreement when he was proposing a ten states federation. As much as I love and respect him, i gave him a tongue lashing and almost came close to tell him I was disappointed in him. As a prison graduate myself many times around, there is just something about the human soul getting in touch with our conscience given us a clearer view of situations and conditions of the human nature when we get freedom by being locked up for doing right. Let me be clear, there is no good southern Cameroonian who, after seeing what the terrorists are doing to their own people and land, would continue being a member of the demonic cult CPDM. The Mballa Moki can act cute as he wants, he is just a cunning version Ekema and the rest. Yes Hon Paul Ayah Abine has evolved full circle. He says to hell with any form of dialogue. We are gone past that. He only solution is negotiation. Yes negotiation on how to live separately in peace as neighbors. Paul Biya and his terrorists have crossed the red line.

Hon Paul Ayah Abine has not only given us that. He has also give us the seed of his loin. The Ayah Foundation is beating the performance of even the internationally heavily funded Red Cross in its efforts to manage the humanitarian needs of this crisis. I have been silently watching their work, vetting their genuineness and i am taking it as a blessing for us to have such an organization with the dedicated leadership of Mr Ayah Ayah Abine (ofcourse the child if Hon Paul Ayah Abine) to be so dedicated in their focused mission of taking care of our displaced and injured citizens. When i see what they do, going to all those places, taking the risk to love and care for our displaced children and citizens in refugee camps so much, i feel very ashamed and guilty for not doing anything for our people through him and the Ayah Foundation. It is our responsibility to provide him with the resources to provide more help to more of the people in need of help. Can you imagine what our people are going through. Watch this interview please to the end. Watch and see our people in refugee camps. See them fight for food. Look into the eyes of those young children. See the pains in the looks of the old ones and the tortures in every step they try to take. These are the brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughter’s, nieces, nephews, friends and fellow citizens of a proud people and land. If we neglect these people, we put a taint and doubts into even the spirit of the freedom we say we seek.

And that is not all. Imagine those now living in the open forest. No seriously and i mean it. Just take a moment and reflect. Make a mental picture of our people living in the forest. Yes we have nursing mothers with their babies, old men and women etc all living in the forests, chased by the invading terrorists and you want to tell me not to care? And you fool yourself that you want freedom but you cannot show you care for what the people paying the price of the freedom you seek go through? You mean even $10, $20, $100 per month to take care of our displaced citizens is too much a sacrifice for You?

You know what keeps me going? Our people in prison, in refugee camps, in the forests, in the hospitals, in the war zones and even the spirit of those who willingly gave their lives for us to attain freedom. Yes they give me hope. Even with all they go through they are still prepared to go through more for us to be free. Yes they are certainly living in conditions of hell on earth but they are prepared to give even their lives for us to enjoy heaven on earth. It is not fair to even God when we spend time talking without giving the needed resources to take care of them. Many of you spent hours praying for the success of the revolution. Many of us say this is a God ordained revolution. Yes God has answered your prayers in making the revolution successful. He placed you abroad and give you the possibility and opportunity to financially support the revolution and the damages of the revolution. By not giving you are delaying the success of the revolution. Yes God has ordained the revolution and He is calling on you and me to give back to the revolution what He has given us for there to be success and lasting peace.

How can you look into the eyes of the children in this video and spend time trying to distract us from taking care of them with baseless and useless writeups, audios and videos that create doubts and inactions in our revolution? Please give and pay no attention to messages that divide us. Pay no attention to all the conspiracy theorists planted in our midst to distract us. Play not attention to people who are only bent at distracting and sewing seeds of discord amongst us. People who are busy doing positive things do not have time to waste on toxicity peddlers. Ignore their messages. Do not waste your time reading them or watching but if you must for curiosity sake, please do not forward them. Do not spread them. Do not let them make you their platform. Stay on the positive. Stay what builds. Stay on the action items. When those people who make videos tell you about how much they know about xyz, ask them the positive things they are doing or having been doing to take care of our displaced citizens, our comrades in jail, our injured comrades and other actions to make the revolution successful.

Please support the efforts of the Interim Government of Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe. Please the Ayah Foundation is our Red Cross. Let us give them more resources to take care of our displaced children and citizens in refugee camps. Please I am on my knees begging all of us. Tears are run down my eyes think of our people suffering as i make this plea to us and to you. Please let not your hearts hardened. Please do not put it off, do not procrastinate. Your $10, your $100 does save a Southern Cameroons life and by doing this, that is how God will continue adding His blessings to get us closer to Buea.

Christmas Ebini

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