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Anglophone Crisis Discussed in British House of Commons



The 1st February Forum at the British Parliament brought to table issues in the Anglophone Crisis. BaretaNews gathered that the forum was hosted by the British House of Commons and some high profile West Cameroonians based in the United Kingdom.

BaretaNews was reliably informed that among the issues discussed were the origin, causes, and consequences of the Anglophone Problem. The current political situation in Cameroon and proposed ways forward was equally talked about. Among the Southern Cameroon personalities in the forum, the Cameroon’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom was present. Also, Joel Herve Nguenkem who elaborated on the steps taken by the government to resolve the problems, Professor Nelson Enonchong who spoke on the historical and Constitutional framework of the Anglophone Problem and Professor Priscilla Nkenti who presented on the current state of affairs in Cameroon.

The effort of Southern Cameroonians towards the resistance were applauded by British Members of Parliament. Meanwhile, it is expected that a debate on the Anglophone Problem will be organized by the British House of Commons in the near future. BaretaNews notes that this is a very sensitive diplomatic push towards the Anglophone Problem.

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  1. Epemola

    February 5, 2017 at 2:56 PM

    #Wearewinning I am proud of our leaders from Southern Cameroon who dedicated their time to be present at this meeting. Wandas shall never end. Thank you Lord for constantly showing us the parth to success. Operation man no run Southern Cameroon na we country.

  2. Samgwa Paul Dewah

    February 8, 2017 at 11:14 AM

    Pls good day to you,
    I am very happy with all decisions taken by British house of council am pleading that they could give an immediate restoration of internet in southern Cameroon and free our leaders so that while waiting for the debate to come up our people’s hearts can be peace
    thanks for understanding

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