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Ambazonia Liberation Leader Sisiku AyukTabe Sends Independence Message From Kondengui



Assasination Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe

We have stood firm. We continue to walk tall and straight, even as we fight to once and for all restore the independence of our beloved nation, Ambazonia. For more than half a century our parents before us until a few years ago lived a deliberate lie in a ‘come we stay” relationship that was faking for the real deal. We know today that we cannot tell our children anything about their destinies in Cameroun that will not be a lie.

Since 1961, even as our parents ingratiated themselves to La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), all we have received in return has been a shame, humiliation, insult, abuse, torture, and summary executions. The time came and we, as a people, had to sink or swim. We have had to cower as cowards or fight. As is our right we chose to fight. We are fighting most valiantly. Beyond every expectation. Thank God Almighty, we are winning too.

From the onset, naysayers said we should fold and submit in subservience. They said that our enterprise to defend our families and our land, from a raging maniacal adversary, was naive and impossible. You have proven every one of them dead wrong. In this war, our collective wounds and sacrifices remind us of the huge price we must pay for our liberties

Freedom and Liberty everywhere, in every age and time have been gotten only by sweat, tears, blood and loss of human lives. By those few peoples brave enough to dare to be liberated and free. The people of Ambazonia shall forever be remembered for the magnificence of courage we have endured to liberate ourselves.

Ambazonia is a reality. I join with you to celebrate today as our children shall celebrate into perpetuity every 1st October, this wonderful Independence Day. May God continue to bless and protect you. May God Bless Ambazonia:


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