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Akere Muna Calls For UN Intervention After Pinyin Massacre



Targeted Killings






Few days ago, the United Nations passed a resolution about protecting civilians in any conflict. They warned against states killing civilians. Yesterday we have seen the carnage in Pinyin, Santa LGA

Today, Akere Muna has written to the United Nations calling for the United Nations to immediately intervene in the Cameroons. He argues that when it comes to human right abuses, there is nothing like sovereignty of a nation.


Killings in Menka -Pinyin, Mezam Division N.W. Region
Statement by Akere Muna

Akere Muna

As much as one can understand the fact the government is worried about the sovereignty of the state and interference in its internal affairs, it is untenable that it remains numb to the continuous loss of life. The recent killings in Menka-Pinyin of innocent unarmed civilians shows the total disregard for human life and growing human plight in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. Soldiers continue to be forced into war against their own fellow citizens and hatred is fed every single day.

How many more lives should be lost?
How many? When it comes to International Humanitarian Law, one can no longer talk about sovereignty.

War crimes are being committed; there are international bodies that have the mandate to investigate these. My call is for the United Nations and the International community to immediately intervene to prevent the further loss of life. I mourn with the bereaved families and pray for the innocent souls of those who have lost their lives in the most brutal circumstances. We Cameroonians at this moment of great sadness, must stretch a hand of fellowship to each other and pray for immediate inclusive dialogue.
God help us. God help our country Cameroon.

Akere T. Muna

Will the UN takes it place in this century after more than 40 are slaughtered in Pinyin? Will the UN listen to Akere? Was the UN sending a pointer with its recent resolutions?

#FreeAllArrested #Menka

Mark Bareta

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