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AFCON 2021: Victoria Buea Population Boycott Group F Matches



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

AFCON 2021: Victoria Buea Population Boycott Group F Matches

By Mbah Godlove

The population of Victoria and Buea have stayed away from group F Matches of the disbanded 2021 AFCON in Ambazonia.

In efforts to woo the population to move to the stadium, the colonial Mayor of Victoria II announced on Wednesday morning that entry would be free.

Despite the announcement, the stadium remained empty during all two games staged in Victoria on January 12.

Earlier in the morning, clashes between Ambazonia forces and French Cameroun soldiers resulted in the death of a gendarme officer.

The environment remained tense and business activities paralyzed across the Ambazonian capital as the people’s liberation fighters wrestled with the forces of occupation.

The situation was not different in Victoria as the games, Tunisia Versus Mali and Mauritania against the Gambia were played in an empty stadium.

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