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Supreme Court Advocate Supports Lawyers, Joins Calls For AFCON BOYCOTT




Ayah Paul Abine is Cameroun Supreme Court Advocate. He has added his voice to the ongoing strike action of common law lawyers and the call for AFCON BOYCOTT initiated by Mark Bareta, Cameroon Anglophone Activist. His communique read:

A combined fact-finding delegation of Popular Action Party – PAP – and JUSTICE4ALL, led by Ayah Paul Abine, the National President of the political party And founder of the civil society organization in question, was in Buea for two days from Saturday, November 12, 2016. After serious interactions with prominent lawyers and some Anglophone opinion leaders, the Ayah delegation hereby declares as follows:-

Within two years of taking office, the New Deal did procure the National Assembly to rescind the de facto cohabitation between Southern Cameroons and the Republic of Cameroun by “readopting” the name the latter party had had at independence, namely, the Republic of Cameroun.

In the pursuance of its having killed the de facto cohabitation between the two states, the New Deal celebrated the 30th independence anniversary of the Republic of Cameroun in 1990 and evidenced the end of the cohabitation with a postage stamp bearing the map of the Republic of Cameroun to the exclusion of Southern Cameroons.

Ever since then, the University of Buea has remained the only state university where unarmed students have been gunned down twice with live bullets just for marching so they could be heard.

Ever since then, Buea remains the only town in the country where lawyers have been battered and maimed in public, with their chambers ransacked and their robes and wigs seized, taken away and retained.

All this has been against the backdrop of the New Deal refusing categorically to hear Anglophones relative to grievances raised over the decades for the degrading treatment meted out to the Anglophones as if they were a conquered people.
The Ayah delegation was appraised of several Anglophone groupings taking steps to join the Common Law Lawyers in the near future to fight off once and for all the mistreatment of Anglophones.

The delegation was overjoyed that the struggle is gaining in pragmatism as per the sparse attendance of the Cameroun-Zambia qualifying match of November 12 at Limbe; said to be a prelude to the boycott of AFCON 2016, by every patriotic Anglophone.

The delegation was categorical and is insistent here that it is one with all those calling for the boycott of women’s AFCON 2016; and does subscribe to all subsequent legal, nonviolent means capable of inducing dialogue between Southern Cameroonian leaders and the Republic of Cameroun.

Done at Buea, this Sunday, the 13th day of November, 2016


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