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Acting President Congratulates Restoration Forces As He Calls Ambazonians To Shun Identity Politics



Restoration Forces








Well done to all our restoration forces!

By Dr. Samuel Sako

Acting President, FRA

You have embarked on a great crusade of liberating homeland and protecting lives of children, women and young men who have become annihilation targets of French Cameroun, towards which we have striven. Your campaign yesterday was indeed a remarkable outreach. From Belo to Bui, Bambui to Bafut, Kumba, Mutengene, Muyuka, Buea and everywhere in the Federal territory, you have spoken loud and clear and our resolve and fortitude is unshakeable.

The eyes of the world are upon you. The hope, faith and prayers of the peaceful people of Ambazonia at home and abroad are on you. By the grace of Almighty God, you have brought about the destruction of 57 years of totalitarian tyrannical colonial grip of French Cameroun and her cohorts, and most importantly, the restoration of our dignity as a people in our own homeland.

Yes there’s hope! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as we escalate our endeavours from a push back to a push over, nothing will stop us even the amalgamation of French and Cameroun armies.

We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind with a bright future pregnant with many uncertainties and you may want to ask what is my strategy and the way forward?

First, we need to put on our best fights, resisting and eliminating every form and flavour of colonial presence, from every community vigilante self-defense initiative to our mega rural/urban fronts. We need to galvanize our moral and muster all our might and all the strength that God has given us in this endeavour. We need to courageous and believe in ourselves more than ever before, Ambazonia is real!

Secondly, it is expedient that we put partisan surrogacy aside and become more united and cohesive as we push back the oppressor and advance to Buea. Divide and rule is a gangrene to any meaningful progress and French Cameroun has been very effective in implementing that tool against us. French Cameroun is aware that a united Ambazonia is an unstopable force that even the combined military of Chad, Central African Republic, and France cannot defeat. Permit me remind us that it took only 6 days for a united Isreal to crush the combined military of 7 nations. Isreal understood that the destiny of generations yet unborn depended on it and God honored their unity.

Today it is incumbent on us, all self-defence factions, all Ambazonians from every county, on ground zero and in the diaspora to pull resources together and hoist our flag in Buea. My arms remain stretched out wide and open to embrace every comrade of good faith who has not sold out to French Cameroun.

We can do it,
We must do it and the time is now.

Short live the Strugle
Long live Ambazonia.



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University of Bamenda Lecturer Writes To Mark Bareta: Calls On Ambazonians To Bear With Them

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Nfor Susungi To French Ambassador: Biya has plunged the Camerons Into a quagmire




    July 10, 2018 at 11:00 AM





    • George

      July 10, 2018 at 12:05 PM

      LOL. The french Camerounian Bamenda girl has not packed yet. Hahaha any proof for your lies. While the pictures of the death soldiers are circulating via social media it seems that the 40 independence fighters are just in your wildest imagination. Next time write 39. That sounds more credible.

      Anxiously waiting for a reply from your other fake accounts.

  2. Mbeuh

    July 10, 2018 at 1:25 PM

    As the days go by, this revolution is upping its ante and the fingers are pointing straight ahead to Buea. What other options are left for Biya to ponder on in his dying quest to hold on to West Cameroon will absolutely be ineffective to stop the tide. Therefore a rallying cry at this time should be support in words and deeds for a full court press to flush out East Cameroon parasites and colonizers out of Ambazonia. God bless and protect Ground Zero forces, God bless and protect the Interim Government leadership and God bless and protect 8 million Ambazonians who have more than endured their share of slavery under Ahidjo/Biya domination for 57 years.

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University of Bamenda Lecturer Writes To Mark Bareta: Calls On Ambazonians To Bear With Them










University of Bamenda Lecturer Writes To Mark Bareta: Calls On Ambazonians To Bear With Them

Following the shooting to death of five Ambazonians by La Republique military on Thursday July 12th, 2018, a situation wherein BBC Randy Joe Sa’ah reported over the BBC, Mark Bareta, Southern Cameroons activist sent out a statement calling for the arrest of the University of Bamenda Vice-Chancellor and other administrators on his Sunday, July 15th Facebook Live Show. This move by Mark Bareta has prompted a lecturer from that University  explaining what had happened. Read on

“…Mark I have read your Facebook post about the killing of University of Bamenda students and your ordering of the arrest of UBa administrators, and wish to clear the air. It’s very important. Investigations by UBa have taken place. The official in charge even abandoned his travel plans because of the matter. But UBa is not allowed to say much on such issues. Don’t forget the country we live in here, people can also very easily be killed by the other side. Five corpses were reported at the Bamenda mortuary as coming from bambili, but only one was ultimately confirmed and named to be a UBa student. He was shot between 8 and 9 pm by a seemingly mentally deranged genderme officer, who had been drinking beer at a local hotel bar around 8.30 pm. His friends even almost fought with him for shooting at the student. They were extremely furious at him. Another person was shot earlier that evening by the same genderme, but was an okada man with whom they had a fight.

All the student leaders and many landlords met and it turned out that only one UBa student was shot that night, his picture, alone, already posted on fb. The matter has been reported to his superiors for action. Please do you have the names and pictures of the other alledged four UBa students shot so we can go investigate further? We have not received any other names. Of course, the University is extremely saddened by the loss of its student and others in such barbaric ways, condemns the act with its last iota of energy and calls on the competent authorities to take immediate action as required by the law.

Finally, Mr Mark, how can you be ordering for the arrest of your own teachers, some of whom may be behind the scenes supporting you? If you want to shut down the University and have a way of doing it, please kindly do so and leave the innocent administrators out of it. It will even help give them more holidays to travel. Don’t forget they don’t own the place. It is just a job they are doing. They are powerless and voiceless on this issue, except you want to see them killed like fouls as well. Some of them have openly clamoured for genuine dialogue to take place, that’s about all they can do. They have never said anything against you or the Amba boys anywhere. So it’s not fair. Please kindly publish this to add to your previous posting on this matter. You are a strong and popular opinion leader and so your words have plenty of power. Thank you….”

NB: I am keeping the name of lecturer sealed for Obvious reasons. I am publishing this even though I have been called out on it. We cannot be afraid of our own selves. While we understand the situation where our people find themselves, we still call on them to keep supporting in ways appropriate doing their own best to see homeland free, respecting Amba laws etc. However, investigations into this must continue.

Mark Bareta.


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Nfor Susungi To French Ambassador: Biya has plunged the Camerons Into a quagmire





Message to His Excellency Gilles Thibault, French Ambassador to Yaounde

Your Excellency, it is my honour and duty to address this message to you through social media and I trust that it shall be eventually relayed to you tgrough the power of this wonderful technology.

I am prompted to send this message to you by the fact that yesterday, the life of Mr. Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne the Fre Secretary of State was put at risk when the French Embassy organized a visit for him to the towm of Buea which is not only claimed as the Ambazonian capital, but it is currently surrounded and infiltrated by self-defense groups which the Biya regime describes as “secessionists”.

This visit was a very serious mistake because a few months ago, the French Embassy issued a travel advisory to French citizens not to travel to the Anglophone zone because it is a conflict zone. We believe that this travel advisory is still valid particularly after the recent report of Joseph Beti Assomo, the Minister Delegate in charge of the Armed Forces who has reported that hundreds of soldiers have been killed in the war in the last few weeks alone.

Your Excellency, just a few weeks ago, one of President Paul Biya’s supporters came on prime time TV and threatened to send the US Ambassador Henry Barlerin back to his country in a coffin. Such a threat is a flagrant violation of the Vienna convention on the protection of diplomats. This can only happen in a country which Donald Trump has described as “shit-hole countries”

Mindful of the fact that the Anglophone region is now at war since President Biya formally declared war on “secessionists” in December 2017, and the fact that the war has produced some 160,000 refugees living in Nigeria more than 100 villages burnt to ashes by the army and 200,000 IDPs living in the bushes, we issued a travel and political advisory against any activity in the conflict zone that is of a provocative nature.

The responsibility of the Embassy was to ensure the widest distribution of this advisory because our intention is to avoid incidents which can create unnecessary fatalities. On several occasions Boko Haram kidnapped French citizens in the Far Northern region requiring the payment of huge ransom to Boko Haram in order for them to be released. Such ransom payments have helped to fund the terror campaign of Boko Haram.

You will also remember that an ill advised march by the CPDM party in Bamenda in October 2016, led to the killing of dozens of Anglophones in Bamenda laying the solid foundation for the current armed conflict.

Your Excellency, the decision to bring the French Secretary of State to Buea under this climate was a serious mistake in judgment because there was nobody for him to see in Buea to have a serious exchange of views on his idea of “Conditional Federalism” of four states in Cameroon.

On the other hand if the Minister had expressed the desire to see the town of Munyenge which was raised to the ground by fire on the orders of Cameroons military hierarchy, proper security arrangements would have been made for him to visit Munyenge which is only 30km from Buea. It is because of his failure to want to be an eyewitness of the atrocities that the Biya regime has inflicted on Anglophone regions that his conditional federalism project is not worthy of consideration by the people of the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia.

Your Excellency, on the substance of the crisis itself itself, I must tell you with all the respect that I owe to your office that you have consistently fed misleading information to President Emmanuel Macron which has led him to make mistakes in his relationship with President Paul Biya.

Your Excellency, federalism was ended in Cameroon in May 1972 on the orders of President George Pompidou and since then, the political plan has been to make the English-speaking region of the former British Southern Cameroons to cease to exist on the map. This plan has failed and given birth to the Republic of Ambazonia on 1October 2017. That is why Conditional Federalism cannot be brought back to Cameroon by Emmanuel Macron.

The only way that France can contribute to solving the Cameroonian conflict for which it assumes joint responsibility with the United Kingdom is through the UNSC

UN Security Council Resolution

36.0 France and the United Kingdom should jointly sponsor a resolution at the UN Security Council calling for a ceasefire in the Southern Cameroons. The reason why France and the UK assume joint responsibility for bringing this war to an end is because they are the two countries responsible of carving former German Kamerun between themselves after WWI and legalising the partition at the Treaty of Versailles.

37.0 Nowhere in the world have British and French political cultures coexisted harmoniously under the same flag. The experiment in Cameroon has not only failed; it has led to an armed conflict which can only be brought to an end by negotiated separation.

38.0 The UNSC resolution should:

(i) provide for the sending of a UN Peacekeeping force in Southern Cameroons to maintain the ceasefire throughout Southern Cameroons and disarm the separatist fighters and regroup them into a legitimate self-defense force.

(ii) call on the government of the Republic of Cameroun to withdraw its armed forces from Southern Cameroons so that schools can resume throughout Southern Cameroons.

(iii) call on the government of the Republic of Cameroun to release all the detained Anglophone leaders especially the Ambazonian leaders who were abducted from Abuja to Yaounde

(iv) fix a date for holding a referendum on independence for the people of the Southern Cameroons who shall be asked to choose between independence for Southern Cameroons and a united decentralized Cameroon.

(VIII) Independence Referendum

39.0 An independence referendum is the sine qua non condition for ending the war in Cameroon because those who have taken up arms in Southern Cameroon will not settle for less.

40.0 President Emmanuel Macron of France understands this because he recently visited New Caledonia where France has scheduled an independence referendum to take place on 4 December 2018. Opinion polls suggest that the people of New Caledonia whose population is less than 300,000 will vote to remain part of France. That is their choice if that is what they want.

41.0 In Southern Cameroons the 8 million people are divided between those who want total independence and those who want to remain part of Cameroon under some decentralized system. This type of question cannot be settled by taking up arms and killing people. Nor can any government take it upon itself to impose its will on 8 million people through fiat.

42.0 There are 8 million Anglophones in Cameroon and the question that needs to be answered urgently is what does the majority of the Anglophone people want.? What is the will of the people?

43.0 This type of question cannot be resolved through dialogue. It can only be answered through the ballot box. No one in the world has the right to obstruct that democratic choice because the alternative is to take up arms and wage war.

44.0 An independence referendum shall be conducted in Southern Cameroons under UN supervision to determine whether the people of the territory want independence or to remain part of a united but decentralized Cameroon.

45.0 If the result of the referendum is that the will of the people is live in a united Cameroon under a decentralized structure, then the two parties can negotiate and agree on the structure and the constitutional arrangements for implementing the decentralisation.

On the other hand if the popular will of the people is for total independence, then the two parties must sit down and negotiate a separation treaty which shall be signed an ratified in both sides and the instrument of ratification shall be submitted to the United N Secretariat in accordance with Article 102 of the UN Charter.

Your Excellency, this is the only solution to the quagmire into which Present Paul Biya has plunged everyone after a disastrous reign of 36 years.

© June 2018, Dr. Nfor N Susungi
Chairman, BFP

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Paul Biya: An Epitome Of Confusion- Eric Acha Laments








The Epitome of Confusion
From one blunder to another.

You declared a war, then announce a humanitarian & reconstruction plan while the guns are still loading and bullets flying over our heads..

To president Biya…..


People complained about their conditions and the challenges they faced in a union they thought they were part of, you ignored them.

They organised themselves and presented the problems in a formal and a civilised manner, you assaulted and arrested them in a colonial style, banned their consortium and refused them any platform on which to talk or express their grievances, not even in the supposed parliament where they have their representatives.

They ignored your unjust laws and called on all to boycott, trigerring a civil disobedience. You opened the gates of your military barracks letting out your “wild unthamed dogs to descend on them, arresting, killing indescriminately, raping young girls and destroying their livelihood.

The helpless young men opted and stood up to defend their sisters, mothers and their communities, you hurriedly declared a war from an airport tarmac, without a clue of how to fight or win the war.

The world adviced you to dialogue, you ignored and snobbed at any such advice, declaring that the form of the state is non negotiable and will never dialogue with those you and your ministers call “terrorist”. You pushed harder with your war adventure, thinking it was going to be a quick win in a matter of weeks.

Weeks turned to months, months to a year now as we keep counting, the war and weaponary used gets more and more sophisticated. Your frustrated military turned to the civilian communities for massacres, in revenge of their loses forcing entire communities into the forest and many more across the border in search of shelter.

You intensified your assault, killing more, destroying businesses, banning and burning motor bikes, an industry that employed hundreds of thousands of the youth you had abandoned on the streets to fend for themselves.

We warned you and told you your forces do not have the monopoly of using fire power when a people are faced with an existential threat, and that your actions were radicalizing the youth. You ignored as usual.

Many of the helpless and now unemployed youth turned to self defense, inflicting untold loses on your forces. In desperation you turned to innocent communities, massacring and destroying in revenge.

We increased the loudness of our voices calling for dialogue, yet you ignored, pushing harder with your military offensive, deploying a full scorched-earth policy in order to intimidate the popultion and force them into submission and subsequently turn against the fighters. The population resisted your pain and moved further into the forest.

Eric Acha

The international community raised an alert and points out your gross human right abuseses, accusing you of crimes against humanity. The UN declared a humanitarian crisis and suggested the need to protect the population as your government has failed to do so.
You panic and react irrationally, making more errors while refusing to dialogue. More and more armed groups keep emerging at evey twist you make.

With the groups multiplying daily and the sound of gun fire getting louder and louder, you have now announced a pseudo “marshal plan” to reconstruct the lives you have and continue to destroy.

You declared a war, then announced a humanitarian and reconstruction plan without declaring the end of the war or at least calling for a cease fire.

My question to you is; will the humanitarian and reconstruction plan be implemented while bullets are flying over heads?
The people no longer trust you and your government. You’ve lost all credibility in the eyes of the people. Who do you intent to spend the money on? Are you thinking of buying consciences and expanding your informants network á la Camerounaise style? Think again!

Or how do you really intend to spend the 12 Billion CFA when the affected communities are now a ghost of what they used to be with every nuke and cranny deserted?

Knowing your “elections” are around the corner and also knowing that those to manage your 12 Billion “marshal plan” fund are the same colonial officers and your campaign ministers as well resource persons, where will the separation line between the humanitarian funds and your campaign funds be drawn?

Was the announcement quickly made to deter and circumvent the full involvement of the UN whose Human Right organ has been prevented from stepping foot onto the conflict zone ever since the crisis started?

Mr. President, you can fool the world for as long as you wish to, but the conflict will remain for as long as the root causes are not addressed.

Changing sign boards across the regions from French to English, asking ministers and colonial officers to speak more English or eating achu on TV cameras will not resolve this problem.

No amount of gun fire will do either. So pull your head out of the sand, step aside and give way so those with the will and ability to do what is right while there is still some time left. (If at all there is still some time left).
Allow third parties to mediate as you and your goverment no longer have the sole authority to bring this matter to a peaceful end. All parties involved in this conflict will have to be on the table. It will not be selective and it will not be you to decide who has a seat on the table.

I hope you read and understand my letter without its content and intent getting lost in translation.

You messed up big time Mr president and it shall never be the same again. You pushed the people to rise. The people have risen and never to fall again.

E. Acha

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