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Youth Day Message: Cameroon Presidential Youth Candidate Shames Biya




The traditional speech of Mr Paul Biya to the youths this 10th February 2016 is another insult to the youths. As usual, he always mentions things which are unrealistic and has a valley relationship with regards to the issues in our soceity. He mentioned that the celebration of the “Youth Day” demonstrates much attention is given to the youths. What an insult in the face of those who constitute 80% of the Cameroon population. It would been wise for Paul Biya to underscore the need for political participation, because that is what create the abaility to chose those who will make concrete logistics for development and job creation in our soceity. The speech was a futuristic speech.
The Three Years Plan for the Youths of 102 billion is in the future and one begins to wonder how at the age of 84, is still planning for jobs for the youths in the future. Biya was giving moral lessons to the youths and talking about illicit behaviours. He has easily forgotten that those who have been accused of embezzelment are in kondengui today are not youths. How many youths of 35 years are ministers in his government? Those who are in prison, are they youths? This speech continues to reveal that Paul Biya is completely out of touch with the youths. It is either he does not know Cameroonian youths or either he does not know how to solve these challenges. When he mentioned that “informez vous” it translate the spirit of negligence and does not want to take responsibilities.

The usage of the term “Android youths” reveals that the speech was a jokeful speech and there is no seriousness in anything he was saying. Mentioning Pilot Centers in Limbe, Sangmalema, and Douala at the cost of 21 billion without telling us the names of those pilot centers continue to reveal the fact that the speech was a floating speech. What Biya should do for the youths now that he is too old is to allow the youths to participate in decision making in Cameroon by revising the voting age from 20 to 18 years. Because, 80% of the population from 18 years and below.

Prince Ekosso
USDP Presidential Candidate

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