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Young Cameroonian Launches Boko Haram Peace Novel



Momo Bertrand is a young Cameroonian, very creative writer and leader. He is a former Student at Catholic University Institute of Buea where he emerged as a Valedictorian, with a B.Sc. in Management in 2015. Momo speaks and writes on inspirational leadership and Africa’s development issues. His latest book which will be launched on 11th September 2016 centers around the tales of Boko Haram victims as a means of communicating love and peace. BaretaNews learned sales from the book launch will be used for a peace campaign in Kolofata, Northern Cameroon.

BaretaNews thinks this is a laudable initiative coming from a 22-year-old Cameroonian. He needs encouragement and support. The Novel will be titled “Ajebo”. Momo reveals that the Novel will be centred around the journey of a young Kolofata boy, Akim, who is forced to flee his village following a Boko Haram attack. Akim’s experiences, encounters, and challenges are used to transit one core message, peace is possible.

Ajebo will be launched at the Terrace of Belavie Bonanjo, opposite BEAC Bonanjo on 11 September 2016 from 2:30 pm at a cost of 3000 CFA, BaretaNews learns.

BaretaNews in trying to understand why the book on terrorism, Momo had this to say “Recently, our nation has been hit by the blows of terrorism. Boko Haram’s wave of terror has spread far beyond Northern Cameroon, into the hearts of all Cameroonians. Our armed forces have fought against them. However, today, the battle against Boko Haram no longer lies solely our army’s hands. It is the responsibility of each citizen, and it is clear that one of the easiest ways to fight terrorism is education. If each citizen takes it upon her/himself to share knowledge on peace, love, and understanding, then we would be making great leaps towards peace. It is this view that pushed me to write a book for peace. Through people reading the book and the Kolofate peace campaign, at least a few people will feel empowered to be peace agents “…Momo concluded

Momo can be contacted here +237 639443701, +237 691545366,

Let us support our own. BaretaNews calls on all Cameroonians to support this initiative.

God is still saying something.

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